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[FEATURE SUGGESTIONS] Updating articles

The software evolves a lot and on our side, we improve the scraping of the articles with all the new functions or parameterization errors.

Is it possible to think about two options:
1 - to update the articles with the new program settings
2 - replace / overwrite posts on WordPress while preserving the same link of the publication ?

The reason, google indexed me 3600 articles and I wouldn't like to erase and redo everything :'(



  • SvenSven
    Im afraid that changing the content of an article is not that easy. That would require a totally new interface and way to login/edit things.
  • FrancoisKFrancoisK Paris
    edited November 21
    Probably the ...5x version :)
    Already, if we can dedupe the keywords of one project from the others, it would be great.

  • SvenSven
    You mean something like: clicking EDIT->Remove kewords being on other projects -> popup -> choose projects -> OK -> remove from current project ?
  • FrancoisKFrancoisK Paris
    edited November 22
    No, the objective is to duplicate all the items of a project or all the projects present in another project or all the other projects
    Is it possible in the event of errors or reinstallation of wordpress, to be able to republish articles already published, an option would be the right one to do so :):blush: ?

    Is it possible to have no space in the link ?
    For example :

    Link created

    Error link displayed by google

    Good link ?
  • SvenSven
    slug: OK, Im trying to improve this on next update.
    published select/not select is added for next update using right click->select/filter...
    I just have problems understanding what you mean with your first request. Please show a sample.
  • Yes, thank you. In the links, there are special characters, which should crash my server

    Example :

    My request,
    - Delete identical posts/articles in one project from other projects
    - Ability to re-export posts/articles, even if they have already been exported

  • SvenSven
    couldn't you add that as a project filter itself so that words with that get replaced?
  • I find that as ''Add'', it is easier to ''remove'' see the screenshot.
    At least for the keywords because it is the keywords that will make the articles.

  • FrancoisKFrancoisK Paris
    edited November 23
    Hello Sven,
    Thanks for the corrections

    Link: it is possible to convert letters with accents by letters without accents, because currently you delete them.
    If it creates more problems, leave it like this

    This is where, if it is an option :  improved article import from folder/file ?

    I know you're overworked...
    On the forum, it would be nice to explain your new options / patches and find the participation of your community to make a complete manual. :)
    Unfortunately, I don't speak English and I'm a beginner in your tools.

  • FrancoisKFrancoisK Paris
    edited November 23
    with the new version, how to change the status from ''Published'' to ''Unpublished'' : option to select published/not published articles
  • I found, it is by republishing the articles

  • Hi Sven,

    Without wanting to bother you, there are still some small problems in the slug that does not display or convert the characters and makes the link not SEO friendly.

    - The accentuations
    - characters such as: Ɗ, Ⅴ, t , e

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