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I don't understand something very basic about proxies - please help


I don't get all of this proxy thing, I will explain.

1. If I do many searches in google in a short period of time, my IP will get banned from doing further searches - thus I need a proxy - right ?

2. If I buy a proxy IP and do the same thing it then will ban my proxy - right ?

So why do I need a proxy ?  and how will it help me ?


  • JamesJames
    1. Correct

    2. You need many proxies to avoid detection. In your case it depends on how many google searches you are doing in a short amount of time
  • I do multi tiered GSA SER (3 tiers), regular setup and all.
    Nothing special.

    Do I need proxies?
  • JamesJames
    Yes of course or be prepared to have your server/home IP banned.
  • But then my Proxy will be banned so what is the gain of using proxies ?
  • JamesJames
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    You don't use a single proxy, you should use multiple proxies.

    Multiple proxies = multiple IP addresses, which then you are less likely to have them banned.

    There are a million articles on this which you should google as it's not specific to GSA SER.
  • I still don't get it

    All of these sites published even here selling 1-3 IPs - is it enough for GSA SER?
  • JamesJames
    It's not enough for any SEO software.
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    What you need is a residential proxy that is rotating. The principle is fairly easy - you get a pool of residential proxies which rotate with either each request that your scraper makes or after a set amount of time, for example, 5 minutes. All of this, along with success rates, speed, size of pool and locations differ between providers. Here is not only a list of residential proxies, but a more in-depth guide on how they work:
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  • Make sure to use rotating proxies. If you can learn more about rotating proxies, you will find all the answers for your doubt.
  • If you don't want to get banned you can do 1 google search in every 90 - 180 seconds. If you don't use your proxies 24/7 then you can get away with less if you use them more then like we do with SEO software then it could get even further or permabanned.

    So this means that if you set up a project and let SER do the scraping then ser can make a Google search in every 90 - 180 seconds. You may try setting up SER and see how many links are built with this method.
    You may buy a linklists and make google scraping redundant.

    Another problem is posting from a singe IP. If you use only one IP your activities easily detectable by webmasters and can simply block your ip then delete all your posts based on your IP.

  • Tim89Tim89
    The reason for needing proxies when spamming three tiers isn't just because your IP will get banned... if you use SER from your own residential machine, your IP will get reported and your ISP may* get in touch with you, most of the times they will think you have been hacked so they will ask you to secure your network.

    If you're renting a server however, dedicated or VPS, you could indeed run SER without proxies but this could mean your servers' IP will get put on a spam list and these lists are shared on most well known CMS's as plugins, hence you'll miss out on potential links but if you do want to cut costs and go without proxies, make sure to look for bulletproof servers, these services usually ignore any spam associated warnings.

    On the flip side, proxies can also help link retention with SER, if you're creating 10 accounts per site, if you were to create all ten accounts using the same IP, this would be very easy to spot and moderate, If you've got as little as 10 proxies, essentially 10 different people are registering to each domain, thus making it difficult for a webmaster to see a pattern, especially if it is a big site that needs moderation, as long as your content is good enough and set up correctly in SER to pass manual inspection by a webmaster, there would be no reason for the webmaster to delete all ten accounts considering they have been registered and posted with different IP addresses hence, retaining links (and this is important and the main reason moneysites tank after a long period of time). 
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