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How to create a blog with serengines?

I can't create any wordpress blog with Serengines.
Can you help me.


  • JamesJames
    Please post the exact error message you are getting when the registration/login/step fails. I just did a quick test here and created a Wordpress blog with 5 articles.
  • thank you for your answer.
    I have just tested all the engine that you give on serengine I can not create wordpress tumblr etc. all web 2.0 blog.
    What do you use for the settings and other services ?

    thanks james
  • JamesJames
    edited November 2020
    I use the same settings in our tutorial at, it really is a basic setup with no changes other than Scheduled Posting (which you are using). So please provide the actual error message from the GSA SER log window so we can determine what it is.

    If there is no error message then please provide your Scheduled Posting settings. Maybe you have set things so that nothing has even started yet.

    I'm off to bed now, so will get back to you the first thing in the morning.
  • ok thank you I will resume the settings as indicated.
    Thanks James
  • JamesJames
    edited November 2020
    Let me know how you go so I can make sure you are getting the same results that I am.
  • JamesJames
    edited November 2020
    Thanks, @draculax for the log.

    I can see this error:

    trying again (sorry, that username already exists!)

    What did you set the Blog Subdomain Name and the Login to be in your settings?
  • hello thank you .
    here is the setting for the blog name i tried to make a try for creating 5 wordpress tumblr and unblog.
    I managed to create 3 blogs 1 unblog and 2 tumblr in 12 hours of time ????
    logically I should have 15 blogs plus 5 publication on each. so 75 urls 
    Thanks James
  • JamesJames
    edited November 2020
    You only have 5 potential Blog Subdomain Names in your settings, you should spin it much more than that. This is the cause of the error: trying again (sorry, that username already exists!).

    Looking at your latest post, it is looking like the same issue as Wordpress, you are not spinning your Blog Subdomain Name enough and it is failing because it already exists.

    Remember, GSA SER spins the Blog Subdomain Name randomly so it is a very good chance it is using the same one several times and then giving up.

    At the very least add a number to your Blog Subdomain Name using the macro:

    On a final note, I normally leave the Blog Subdomain Name setting as default (%login%).

    Also if you are going to run another test with properly set Blog Subdomain Name, then please create fresh projects as GSA SER might not retry these engines as they failed so many times from previous attempts.

  • new setting
    wordpress unblog and tumblr canablog
  • I'll let it run for an hour and we'll see.
    Thank you, James
  • hello
    after one hour.
    Here is the result.
    4 canablog
    4 tumblr
    no wordpress 
    no unblog.
    thank you james
  • here are the publication details hoping to find the solution thanks james .
    log.txt 57.2K
  • JamesJames
    edited November 2020
    I just did a small update to that to make it less strict, so click on Help -> Check for update to get the latest version.

    My tests here have all run fine. I noticed in your previous post that you were getting some Unblog blogs created. What are you using to solve Recaptcha? The point it fails for you is right after solving recaptcha.. Also what proxies are you using and from what country? I will use a VPN to get the same IP address as you and see if there is something different with the unblog website in that country.

  • proxies of 
    united states
  • JamesJames
    I am using 2captcha as well.

    My proxies are USA, so no problems their either.

    Would you mind if I remote login? I will take a look at Unblog on your setup.

    Also did you test with the new version of Wordpress?
  • for the moment I'm not trying because the update of gsa bug and serengines has disappeared .
    I'm waiting for the return and I will test .
    if it does not work I will give you access to my vps.
    Thank you james you a real professional
  • hello,
    I just tested impossible to create blogs
  • JamesJames
    I ran some tests on your VPS

    Where are your proxies from?

    Isn't working for you because your proxies are banned. Once I tested with another fresh IP address it worked on your VPS fine.

    I noticed a low success rate with Canalblog because of the same issue (proxies). You would get the following message:

    seemed fine.

    Needs some different email account than just catchall.

  • hello is thank you.
    proxies Blazing seo .
    which email account can I take to satisfy wordpress ?
    Which proxy service should I use to avoid problems?
    thanks james
  • i still have this error message james 
    01:03:58: [-] 1/1 registration failed (use a different email address.) - 
  • I tried seremail I tried
    is always the same problem can you tell me what you use to create wordpress.
    I keep doing tests without success.James 
  • Apparently there are no catchalls in the area to work with the creation of wordpress?
  • JamesJames
    @draculax I would get blazing seo to rotate your proxies. They are the same company I use, so I can confirm they are a good company.

    I emailed you regarding getting your SEREmails details.
  • so you need an offer with rotating proxies?
  • draculax said:
    Apparently there are no catchalls in the area to work with the creation of wordpress?

    I've haven't tried it lately but wordpress is quite picky platform to post to. Yahoo and gmail always worked and always will I guess but it's quite pricey nowadays.

    I have no data to back this up but I would steer away from public catchall providers for wordpress blogs or any serious web2.0 sites where you want to build a blog to last. Make your own or buy emails that are hard to single out.
  • JamesJames
    @TheGypsy Agree, WordPress is picky so we suggest using a mix of emails in a project including catchalls and from free providers such as Hotmail, Gmail and mailru.
  • hello always in test phase .
    canalblog not good
    tumblr not good
    wordpress not good

    thank you james
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