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Troubles understanding some aspects of the software


As a beginner, I have a bit of trouble understanding certain notions or functionalities of the tool, and since the tool has evolved a lot since the demo videos, I have several questions that hinder me in using the software. Here are my questions:

1) Amount of Threads to use / Wait between search queries / Max time to search for articles: How to determine the optimal values to use according to your hardware ? Are there standard values to compare what is desirable with what is not ?

2) Keep cache for X days: What is the usefulness of the cache? When does it intervene and how to determine the optimal value to assign to this option?

3) What is "synatax analysis" ? How does this option work?

4) Bold/Italic/etc in "HTML decorations": How does it work ? From what I understood from my tests, if I put 100% for Bold for example, a whole part of the paragraph will be in Bold... But not 100% of the text.
Which parts of the scrapped content do the HTML variations apply to?
Does this work in addition to the "insert random paragraph spoilers/decorations" option, or are they two different functions?

5) I have troubles determining what exactly are the differences between "Keywords must be in Title" here :

And "Title with keywords", here :

What are the purposes of both these options ? I thought it was self-explanatory at first, but then I didn't find exactly what do what...

Thanks for your help !  :'(

Best Answers

  • SvenSven
    Accepted Answer
    1) You would start with default settings and only change things if you are not satisfied:
    Amount of Threads to use: on a good system you can probably increase this to 100 or even more. Just watch the memory usage that it stays below 2gb
    Wait between search queries: if you use proxies, you can keep it as such or if you are using a lot other sources beside google. Else I would increase this to 60
    Max time to search for articles: you better increase this a lot. 5minutes would mean that the software will stop the whole article scraping process after 5 minutes and work on what it got. If you create a lot content, you want this to be much longer

    2) Thats useful to not download the same data again and again. It makes sense if you have projects with same topic. Else you can decrease this value. 5 days however sounds ok to me.

    3) this method is not really something you should use. That said it reminds me to finally write a good docu. Anyway, Syntax analysis will take a sentence and e.g. exchange certain words with something completely different but from that same word group. That means the resulting sentence might be perfectly readable and unique but it's meaning can be mixed. It will e.g. exchange the word "good" with "perfect" or the word "house" with "car". You see, it's more a special use case.

    4) This HTML Variations are some functions previously used in SER to fight duplicate content. Honestly I don't think it's that useful anymore and to me it looks unnatural. I would not use it but the "spoilers/decoration" thing is very useful. It's something completely different. It will put small headings or extracts to the front of a paragraph and it reads way better.

    5) The option on the INPUT tab is for the scraping part. An article will only be used once it has a keyword in title. The option on the output will generate articles with keywords in title.
  • MinidouMinidou France
    Accepted Answer
    Thank you very much Sven, it's perfectly clear now !


  • Hey @Sven,

    As I appropriate the tool and better understand its mechanisms, new questions come to mind. I ask them here, following my previous questions, so as not to pollute the forum thread with a new post.
    Following the last update, I will also have some additional questions to submit to you.

    1) I need a clarification on how the scrap works and how the content is created.

    - Does the tool scrap ONE keyword and then create the content from that one keyword? Or does it uses ALL the keywords we added and then create the content from all the data collected from these keywords ?

    Example: I use the keywords "marketing", "emailing" and "copywriting", combined with the option "Mix Paragraphs (from all articles) + Reorder Sentences".
    Will the paragraphs and sentences that will be mixed come from all the articles scraped from "marketing" (for example) ? Or from "marketing" + "emailing" + "copywriting" ?

    - How deep in the SERP will the tool scrap the content? 10 first results? 100 first results? Beyond ?

    2) - I have troubles interpreting the new "Keywords should be used in resulting Titles" option (Input tab), because when I launch the generation with this option checked, I don't end up with "Marketing" as a title, for example, but "What is Marketing? - The Definition of Marketing - AMA", which is the title of an article scraped in the SERP.

    In my example I don't want my content generation to use the title of scrpped articles from the SERP. I only want the articles to have as keyword the keyword used for the scrap ("Marketing", to reuse my example).
    I thought the "Keywords should be used in resulting Titles" would do that, but it's not the case.

    Moreover it doesn't matter if the "Keyword in Titles" option (from the Output tab) is checked or not, the result is the same: The titles of my articles are the one from the articles scraped in the SERP.

    How to attain the desired result, following the recent changes ?

    - Besides, I didn't understand what the "Title with keyword" option (from the Output tab) is used for now that we have the "Keywords should be used in resulting Titles" option in the Input tab ? 

    3) Regarding the bullet lists, how does the scraping process work?
    It looks like the data scraped mainly consist of dates, or useless/out of subject informations, which make it so that the lists don't bring much to the article, semantically speaking.
    Not all the time, luckily, but often.

    4) Input tab > Keywords tab > "Check All/Check Selected/Uncheck all/Uncheck selected/Toggle" (right click) & "Edit focused keywords" (Edit button) : It's unclear what these functions do. It seems they're not implemented ?

    Thanks again for the time you took to read me.
    Take care !
  • SvenSven
    1) A search is done with any of the input keywords, content is collected and mixed between all of the found articles even across different keywords. The only way where this is not done is the algorithm "Same Article".
    2) The title for a generated article is taken from an existing article found. That can be limited to only take the titles where a certain keyword is found (OT column) when using "Title with keywords". If none title it found, it will generate one on it's own by using titlegen.dat file (only in English language present unless you create it yourself).
    All the checkboxes below the keyword listing are for scraping and will only take the article found when they match title/url and the keywords defined for it in listing.
    3) Please provide some samples so that I can improve this by filtering out certain things.
    4) You are right, that popup menu should not be there. I will fix that on next update...sorry.
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