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Unable to bind webserver to interface

edited March 2013 in Need Help
Hi, I was trying to make CB work with my xRumer, but when I only touched Webserver options, it started to give me port 80 errors. 

It runs on dedi server, no Skype, no teamviewer etc. Listening to port 80 gives me PID 4 which is SYSTEM, so I cannot really kill this process :)

Any tips on what I might have mess up?



    maybe its the IIS issue. watch out for the video in that thread.
  • IIS was never installed/enabled. I checked that already.

    Actually found a simillar solution to what u pointed:

    stop and disable the www service

    type services.msc from the run command prompt > scroll down to World Wide Publishing service.

    or go to control panel > Administrative Tools > Services.msc > World Wide Publishing service.

    This thing solved my problem.
  • SvenSven

    The error message reads...


    - W3SVC Service (World Wide Web Publishing Service)


    Thats what you just disabled ;)

  • hehe :) Yep, I know thats how i found it in the first place :D 

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