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My Tier 1 submission stuck?

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After run about 25 days, I got only 61 verified backlinks, and now it run and search new sites with very poor results for finding submission on new sites.
I have 1007 keywords in keyword list.
I check "Colect keywords from target sites" and "Put keywords in quotes when used in search queries".
It's also stopped to add new keywords in the list?

I use following  engines:
Article, Document Sharing, Social Bookmark, Social Network, Video

How to increase searching and adding to new sites?
I tried with adding new keywords, but it doesn't helps?


  • SvenSven
    public proxies?
  • ziszis
    edited March 2013
    Yes, I use public proxies for submission
  • OzzOzz
    edited March 2013
    get 10 shared proxies from buyproxies or proxy-hub for the start and see how things develop. you will notice instantly why public proxies sucks.
  • dont use the 'put KW in quotes function'. gives less search results

    dont use public proxies

    Add more keywords.

  • About "dont use public proxies"
    Do you mean that I disable and don't use proxy function, or use proxies but uncheck public proxies and check private?
  • OzzOzz
    edited March 2013
    only use private and mark them as private. 
    right click the window where your private proxies are listed and mark them with "toggle as private proxies" (or something like this). once done successfully they are marked with a "X".

    then check all tasks as private you like to do with private proxies (submission, verification, PR check and so on)
  • OK, I will try.
    Thank you!
  • I tried now and tested all suggestions, and I have still same problem?
    I forgot inform that I check options for:
    "Skip sites with PR below 3" and
    "Skip sites with more then 50 outgoing links on one page".
    But still I should get better results?

    I added also ca. 800 new keywords
  • "Skip sites with PR below 3" and
    "Skip sites with more then 50 outgoing links on one page".
    and the fact that you were using public proxies, no wonder you did not post to many sites.

    When you use those strict settings be prepared to get a very low number of links. If you insist on using those settings at least change it to: "Skip sites with PR below 1" and "Skip sites with more then 100 outgoing links on one page". and use private/semi-private proxies.
  • I have another project with the setup as you suggest, and I got just little better result. But just little better.
    Should I maybe add more e-mail accounts?
    I have just 1 added!
  • I dont think email accounts would help too much.  Your best bet is just to play around with the settings.  You'll find that the more filters you have, the less links (or less link velocity) you will see.  Also, if you have a way to scrape links and add them on the fly, it will increase your links as well.
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