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Im New ! my project failed. need help

gwusergwuser Planet Earth
Hi, I recently purchase GSA SER and ran a project targeting my money site. I wanted quality links so i only enabled articles, wiki and web 2.0 

But  the result was very sad. 

there were no verified links and less count of submitted urls. I wonder why. 

After reading some posts i see people saying we need a list of site or succh thing. and im thinking if i need scrapebox to do that. 

i want to run this project successfully. Can anyone guide me ?

PS : also i filter pr to 1 & OBL count 50 


  • lukegage92lukegage92 Buffalo, USA
    This is a very common matter that we all have been through. You are going to need many things along with lists such as, emails and proxy. Either of them can be overused and then you will have to add new once to keep the project going.
  • gwusergwuser Planet Earth
    i have like 3 emails and 10 purchased proxies. Even theres no 1-5 links created. And im getting error now saying there i s no engines with a red alert
  • lukegage92lukegage92 Buffalo, USA
    I would suggest you not to use your money site as you are still new to SER. Because you are going to run many test runs before making that perfect campaign. Learning process is going to take some time. Until then it's best not to use any valuable website parameters.

    You are trying to post on web 2.0 directly. But you will have to use certain extensions like a good captcha solver, quality emails, proxies and SER Engines.

    Since you are beginner, you can try posting on other options available.

    Next step is to refresh your emails, proxies and targets to post. These subjects tend to get burnt out fast. So you have to make sure that they get renewed to keep SER going.
    You can fullfill these requirements from the buy/sell/trade section.

    Also you can get scrapebox and scrape links by yourself. My recommend is to purchase a list first and learn the SER well. and then you can decide whether you need a separate tool to scrape.

  • gwusergwuser Planet Earth
    Thanks for the info. while i search internet i saw so many people saying that gsa ranker is no more usable. so i afraid about my purchase. seems you guys are helping. is there any good article how to set up good campaign. 
  • lukegage92lukegage92 Buffalo, USA
    not sure what they were referring to but once you learn how to use it, can do wonders with it really.

    Start with Matthew Woodward's tutorials. You can find them on YT.

    This threat might help you as well.
  • gwusergwuser Planet Earth
    thanks for your time. i will take a look

  • TheGypsyTheGypsy Madrid
    And if you are there pop over to ahrefs and take a look at your competitors backlink profile too.
    Analyze them then save the backlink reports for later. 
    Set up a dummy website that you can destroy.
    SET up SER and blast the dummy website with everything you have.
    Analyze the links you have created with SER.
    Compare your competitor backlinks to SER backlinks.
    Set up SER projects that can create similar links to your competitors.
    Check if you have done well and set up projects for your money site.
    Assess your progress then change your plans accordingly.
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