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A Wayback Machine Backup Of My Old GSA SER Tutorials.

I need my personal blog for my new project and YouTube channel and I'm going to start it over from scratch next month so here is a Wayback machine backup for all of my old GSA SER Tutorials if anyone needs them.

My Opinion On Reverse Proxies And How To Use Them In GSA Search Engine Ranker! -

How To Build Your Own Auto Accept List With GSA Search Engine Ranker! -

An Introduction To Building Your Own Auto Accept List! -*/

Transforming Profile and Forum Engines In To Contextuals In Less Than 30 Seconds! -*/

The True Indexing Potential Of The GSA SER Platforms! -*/

The Difference Between Getting 1% Or 98% Of Your Links Indexed! -*/

The Kitchen Sink Tier And How 97% Of Their Links Maybe Useless To You! -*/

The Increasing Problem Of Link Retention When Using Auto Generated Content! -*/

How To Filter Out Useless Footprints To Massively Improve Your Target Scraping Speed! -*/

How To Easily Post To Self Hosted Domains With GSA Search Engine Ranker -*/

A 5 Second Task To Strengthen Your Contextual Tiers In GSA Search Engine Ranker. -*/

How To Build Tier Three Projects That Run At Over 900 Links Per Minute! -*/

Stop Wasting Your Time With The Built In GSA Search Engine Ranker No Follow Filter -*/

How To Increase The Quality Of The Targets On Your GSA Search Engine Ranker List! -*/

An Increase Of 223% In Contextual Verified Links Per Minute With GSA Search Engine Ranker! -*/

Why The Native GSA Search Engine Ranker Web 2.0 Engines Are A Waste Of Time! -*/

GSA Search Engine Ranker, The Ultimate Metrics Per Minute Breakdown! -*/

Essential GSA Search Engine Ranker Maintenance To Keep Your Rig Running Smoothly! -*/

From 76 LPM to 763 LPM With GSA Search Engine Ranker Using A Simple 12 Hours Process! -*/

How To Filter Your GSA Search Engine Ranker Lists For A Potential 963% Increase In LPM! -*/


  • SvenSven
    hmm what happened to your website?
    I have all of that linked to the docu I will update the links later.
  • DeeeeeeeeDeeeeeeee the Americas
    edited May 2020
    Good seeing you here again, @shaun. :) I've checked in on your recent YT videos. One day I decided to see if there were updates and you had posted some new content.

    I'm sure you are well aware that your blog was incredible and quite "next level." Comprehensive isn't even the word...

    I hope that your present projects go well for you! I'd be interested to see whatever it is you have planned next for your blog.

    Thanks for posting the links. I'm sure there's still tons of useful material.
  • CynthiaSCynthiaS Planet Earth
    These are great articles Shun! I will check them out on this weekend. Thanks for posting....
  • @shaun I think the ideal especially for what they comment @Sven would have been to create an archive section on your blog with a 301, that way, that information will never be lost.
  • lukegage92lukegage92 Buffalo, USA
    oh myhh!!! thanks for sharing worth a million!  8-)
  • shaunshaun

    Cheers dude, yea I started posting videos to my YouTube channel again at the start of the year and putting more time and effort into that side of it while growing my current money site network using manual link building methods so need my personal blog for the stuff that I am currently using to move forward.
  • 710fla710fla ★ #1 GSA SER VERIFIED LIST
    @shaun see you around the BHW forum and follow your journey thread, lots of golden info your definitely changing peoples lives. And your YouTube channel is great, got my own mic and will be uploading GSA related stuff to my channel SERPGROW. 
  • DeeeeeeeeDeeeeeeee the Americas
    edited May 2020
    @shaun: Your decision to log your journey is a great way for you to keep track of the progress of your projects. I liked the idea that you had at the start of the pandemic. (One day in the life...I hope you finally get to it once the restrictions have been lifted!) 

    Most importantly, this vlogging lets others know that it IS possible to excel with all this. I think people give up on most things too quickly. Another web project I've gotten into fairly recently started out being just for fun...I did have an idea to profit with it, but it's still not yet monetized...I know you and most others would say this is def not the way to proceed...and I'd tend to the point is, I see most of my would-be competitors (except for the MAJOR ones) gave up. They had an unrealistic expectation about the time it would take to start making profits and lost interest when that didn't materialize (quickly enough). :money:

    Of course, I know there's also your aptitude at play here, and not just persistence. ((For anyone not familiar with Shaun, his work was always thorough, a grand experiment to find out what worked...and what didn't.  So don't kid yourself, it takes intelligent application of whatever technique you decide to use.  Can you do well without being as smart as Shaun? I'm sure. But your competitor may end up being Shaun, in which of luck to you. :ohnoes:  You're going to need it, for sure! lol

    Take that scientific approach...couple it with enthusiasm to keep you going through the stages of early growth of a web project...and you could "win" at whatever you decide to do to make money online.

    Remember, Shaun always adapted. Perhaps that is the third key Shaun's example brings us is the willingness to about-face and discard notions that have been proven wrong.))

    Shaun, I wish you all the best in moving forward.  I do miss your presence on Sven's boards. Your work was always leagues ahead of the rest of us, even those far more advanced than I. :)

  • liam11paulliam11paul Caribbean
    Appreciate the fact that you decided to create a thread here. Cheers!
  • shaunshaun
    @Deeeeeeee cheers dude, yea I am going in a totally different direction to automation for the foreseeable future and most of the people from YouTube/Reddit/Quora who are seeing my newer content have been asking me questions about the GSA Toolkit and stuff so it seemed easier to just back it up on Wayback Machine and post it here to avoid this happening in the future anymore.
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