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GSA Keyword Researcher Help Manual Please

I was hoping for at least a basic tutorial on how to use GSA keyword researcher so with the basics I can play around with it and then come up with some ideas of additional features to add into the tool



  • It works the other way around:

    1. You have some ideas that you think will influence your ranking and you want to check.
    2. You check if it's already implemented in the tool. In many cases it's already there hidden somewhere.
    3. If you can't find it you ask Sven if it's there and suggest it for him as very useful feature to implement if it's not there.
    4. If your idea is worth implementing he puts it in the tool.

    I hope this helps :D
  • s4nt0ss4nt0s Houston, Texas
    I plan on making a video covering the features, but wanted to wait until most of it is done in case there are any UI changes, etc.
  • I used to use a tool called serpattack pro. I wonder if the developer can look at some of the things that this tool did and see what can be done better in gsa keyword researcher

    Unlimited projects Create separate projects so you can easily load them again later.

    Find golden niches to dominate
    Find highly searched keywords with very little competition so you can rank and earn faster.

    Just type any keyword and SerpAttacks will load suggested keywords for you.

    Find highly searched keywords and analyze search engine competitions on a certain location.

    Maybe you are not yet aware but there are many hidden gems in localized searches.

    Discover Competitors Target Keywords
    Know what are the exact keywords your competitor is targeting so you can easily know if you are missing valuable keywords.

    Discover Keywords
    Potential for Profit Easily discover how much advertisers are paying for that keyword and how many are competing.

    Keyword Difficulty Analysis
    Analyze top ranking sites on certain keywords and tell easily tell the difficulty level without going through all those sites one by one.

    Multiple Search Engines
    Supports the most popular search engines, google, yahoo, bing, AltaVista, and ask. SerpAttacks is not a tool to dominate google or bing, it’s a tool to dominate them all.

    Find out if the keyword will still be profitable in the future Unveil and analyze how many people are searching for your keyword and discover if the trend is going up your down.

    Discover high-value domains in a click of a button Having a good domain is one factor in ranking and SerpAttacks provide good ways of finding them.

    Discover highly profitable affiliate products to promote What is a keyword and ranking if you don’t have a product to promote? SerpAttacks can dig amazon and Clickbank for products that you can promote based on your keywords.

    Rank tracker Check and monitor your rank across different search engines from different locations.

    Check and spy backlinks of any website Check the websites that are linking to you or check your competitor’s backlinks so you have an idea where you will put your links.

    Advanced SERP Analysis Easily analyze the SERP (Search Engine Result Pages) for websites that are ranking for your chosen keywords and get an idea of how strong the competition really is.

    Advanced Page Analysis
    Discover your website weak points as SerpAttacks analyze every paragraph, every HTML tags, every title, and many other factors so you can dramatically improve it against your competitors.

    Export data for further analysis SerpAttacks provide detailed reports for better analysis but if you think it is not enough, you can always export it so you can analyze them further or save for documentation purposes.

    FREE Support We are here to answer your questions regarding the product
  • other tools where micro niche finder 
    ultimate niche finder

    Here are a few features of the Ultimate Niche Finder:
    Capacity to accomplish broad, exact and phrase keyword matches
    Intuitive competition indicator (SEO Competition analyzer)
    Can generate a limitless number of keywords with on seed keyword
    Works with German, Spanish, French and Portuguese keywords
    Multi-threaded Exact Match Domain Finder that checks available domains
    Filtering and sorting of every data columns

    It can show the Online Commercial Intent (OCI) of each keyword.
    Proxies and Captcha supported…

    The Good
    The nice part about this tool is that it is so easy to use thanks to the friendly user interface. It is truly easy to generate hundreds to thousands of keywords, and you will find yourself getting good keywords that you can start using today to build your next niche website.

    The truth is that this tool is very powerful, and you are definitely going to have fun when you start using this software. There are so many nice things that you can learn from using this tool, and anybody who starts using it will learn the basics of coming up with new topics and other keywords on their own.

  • and it would be great if it can integrate with the GSA tools and Scrapebox
  • Ultimate Niche Finder - 
    Serp Attack Pro -
    Micro Niche Finder -
    Domain Samurai 
    Market Samurai 

  • and change the UI to that of somewhat of SER
  • Here is a list of tools used  and used in the passed
    Keyword studio
    keyword snatcher
    longtail pro
    keyword supremacy
    easy lead finder
    G scraper
    Instant Lead Magnet
    Keyword Digger Pro
    Keyword Curator Pro
    Keyword Sweetspotter
    Keyword Genetics
    keyword map Pro
    Local Avenger
    Local Lead Igniter
    Local Traffic Tool
    Localizer Lead Tool
    Local Lead Boss
    Page One Curator
    Power Suggest
    Power Suggest Pro
    Rival Keyword
    SE Sniper
    SE Prince
    Sick Marketing
    The Niche Spy
    Thunder Scraper
  • SvenSven
    Thanks for the long list of recommendations. I will try to go through this one next week.
  • Keyword Atlas
    Power Suggest Pro
    Keyword Researcher Pro
    these are some of the tools on my desktop that I use
  • I would like GSA Keyword Research to be the main tool that I goto to use
    instead of going to:
    keyword planner

    make GSA the king of keyword research
    bulk domain research
    Competitive Analysis
    Keyword Research
    Backlink Research
    Content Research
    Rank Tracking

    niche research
    video keyword research
    bulk video researcher
    youtube channel scraper

  • DeeeeeeeeDeeeeeeee the Americas
    Oh, wow. You guys have given Sven more than enough to work with!!!

    No doubt he'll  create a toolset that will blow everything else out of the water. ;)
  • niche reaper 3.0
  • the dream tool will touch on 
    seo keyword silo
    LSI keyword Structure
    silo architecture
    content silos
    LSI keywords suggestion
    LSI keyword generators

  • not to mention amazon keyword research
    eBay keyword research
    Shopify keyword research
    ecom keyword research
    kindle keyword research
    youtube keyword research
    Instagram keyword research
    LinkedIn keyword research
    research all the book platforms
    research all the ecom platforms
  • different ways to search hashtag keyword and research
  • plus the many ways to export them to different tools

  • DeeeeeeeeDeeeeeeee the Americas
    This may be GSA's most widely used/most valuable software yet!

    This should def keep Sven busy for some time!!! lol :p
  • links to research compete,
    Google Trends 
    • Identify “ domains to gain MASSIVE boosts to your traffic

    • Find keyword-rich domains before your competition

    • Unlock the power of “aged domains” to get PageRank and backlink boosts your competition can only dream of

  • edited September 2020
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  • 1) KNIME - if you want a very open-ended tool that can be used to do all sorts of keyword analysis. It was the focus of my BrightonSEO 2015 talk on doing better semantic keyword research

    2) MarketMuse - This is a tool that's just taking off, but it's AMAZING. It basiciall crawl your website and/or your competitors' website and find keyword gaps using pretty sophisiticated topic modeling algorithims. It works extremely well.
  • Google Search Console: One of my favorite keyword sources is the variety of terms you already rank for. There are potentially thousands of interesting angles within your key topics to consider (especially if you use the API), plus Google already thinks you are relevant!
  • Ryte - This site used to be called OnPage but now is It's a German company so I feel like a lot of American SEOs that I talk to haven't heard of it. As with most sites, the generic version of their tool is free or you can pay for the pro version.

    I just have the free version right now so I don't know all that the pro one can do. But even the free version has A LOT of tools you can use, I haven't even figured them all out yet. But one that I have used is their Content Optimizer. You can take a new or existing content piece of yours, and compare it to one of your competitor's pieces on a similar topic, and see where you might be lacking based on the keywords that are used in each piece.

    The first time the site analyzes your site, it will take a while (could take several hours according to them), so make sure you leave time for that. But after that, it automatically tracks information about your site and you don't have to do that long analysis again.
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