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Manual captcha not working now?

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i am testing StatusNet platoform with Captcha Sniper + i have clicked "Finally ask user..". When re-captcha appears, CS tries to solve it - without success of course - but no window with for manual input appears in GSA...


  • SvenSven
    As soon as CS is giving a reply, it is used and not send to manually input if submission failed.
  • Wow, I see...So even if i would have paid captcha services in setting, GSA would not try to solve captcha with them after CS sends some (wrong) answer?
  • SvenSven
  • I am quite surprised... Would it not be possible to set GSA to work as I think everybody would expected = CS sends wrong captcha, submission fails, GSA tries to solve it with another captcha service that is in settings and if
  • OzzOzz
    edited March 2013
    is "try to solve unknown captchas" activated in your CS settings? try to uncheck this if thats the case. maybe that helps.
  • OK thanks Ozz that helped.

    However...i will lose several captchas that CS would solve with "try to solve unknown captchas" and it will skip them now. Even few re-captchas were solved by CS after few tries - well, really just a few.

    Is it not possible to set GSA the same way as SenukeX - it tries to solve captcha with CS (no matter if "unknown captcha" is checked or not) with user defined re-tries and if it is not successful, it goes to next captcha service in line and finally with manual input...
  • OzzOzz
    edited March 2013
    as you said, only a few recaptcha will be solved. to investigate how many of them are really solved you should save all solved captchas to file and compare the answers to captchas. for recaptcha only the "waved" part of the captcha needs to be solved correctly. compare how many of them were solved correctly and if its really worth to solve them with CS or if its better to send them directly to DBC instead.

    another solution is to ask mikey if he will send you the beta of CS. maybe recaptcha is implemented in that directly so you don't need that "try to solve unknown" anymore. but this is just a guess as i don't use CS anymore.
  • OMG, even if i uncheck "try to solve unknown captcha", CS tries to solve even recaptchas :( So i get no manual window and submission fails because of wrong captcha.

    Is it REALLY not possible to change this captcha handling in GSA SER? To make it like this: if we get "captcha answer was wrong" for whatever reason (not just with CS), it would try to solve it whit next service or even manually if user likes so?
  • SvenSven
    right now there is no such option. Reason is that the program doesn't know why the submission failed. It can be anything (wrong other data, missing data, server mis configured...). So just to retry the process from *STEP1 would only make sense if the program knows it was a captcha input error.
  • Well..i am not sure with other platforms, but with StatusNet i get "19:52:42: [-] 2/3 captcha answer was wrong" so it is clear what went wrong here.

    I bet almost all of platforms are returning some hint what went wrong with registration, if it was captcha problem or something else.

    So in most cases, i think it is possible to set GSA SER in the way i would like it to :)  
  • SvenSven
    Yes but if you have a look in the script files you will notice that all these messages are defined in "submit failed=". So even if you know that a certain message is for the captcha input, the program still doesn't know.
  • OK but could you create new script feature, lets say captcha failed= , place wrong captcha footprints there and this event occurs, GSA would go from STEP1 once more (with same captcha service, with different service or manual based on user settings).

    I can imagine it can be quite a lot of work (to change ini's of many platforms), but it would save lot of captcha credit :)
  • SvenSven
    I put that on the to-do list
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