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I see that in GSA-SER there are several options for 2captcha. I'm using the normal one, the usual one, worry I see that there are other options with Json, base64 etc.

But I have noticed that the resolution rate of recatcha is ridiculous, really low, very low. I have maybe 1000 submitted and only 1 passes verified. I see many times in the log Recapcha no solve. I have activated to solve Recapcha in 2captcha but now I have the doubt if I have to use any special configuration, as there are several in GSA-SER.

Any help would be welcome.


  • SvenSven
    Hmm 2captcha is actually very good in solving recaptcha. What 2captcha-API you choose it not really important though.

    Have you maybe set a custom timeout?
  • I have not changed anything in time, I guess what you say can be expanded.

    I have looked and is in default? Can you advise me an optimal amount?

    I'm also thinking of buying a one-year license from Capmonster, what do you think about it. I guess it will solve less, but its price is pretty good.
  • SvenSven
    Sorry, I can not say anything about CapMonster. Someone else should judge on that please.

    Show a screenshot of the setup (double click on captchas service entry for details).

  • I have climbed to 180 seconds, it was by default. I am with virtual Asia but I will leave the service because the proxies they give are the same as GSA Scraper, the list they give is very bad, more than 50% do not work ..... In the end I put it at home with an Ordendor i7 12 cores 32 gb ram, I have 600 megabytes symmetric, so it is left over.

    I have already bought Capmonster, I am in the test, but I see that there are 3 or 4 options to add it

    My idea is

    1.- Capmonster
    2- CB excluding complicated captchas
    3- 2capcha only for PR 3 or higher and surely only dofollow

    I am tracing it again all in my machine to cancel the Asian subscription. I don't need 1000 threads in GSA-ser with 50 I'm left over for what I'm looking for. There will be more threads in GSA-PI and GSA-Proxy

    In case you have doubts, I use private proxies to add content, public proxies only use them in searches, in scrapebox, GSA-pi, GSA-indexer, GSA Content etc. So the captcha are used with private proxies all from USA and They are all from California.
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