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Is it compulsory to use a VPS?

I want to reach the milestone of building at most 5000-20,000 backlinks per day but it's kind of impossible.

I run GSA on my 4GB/500GB laptop, my LPM is about 167.65 when my projects are running, use 10 semi-dedicated proxies and have access to over 3 million verified/Target list monthly but building 5k-20k backlinks daily is becoming a problem.

Moving forward, someone advised I subscribe for a VPS (can't afford it now coz I got a lot of web hosting bills stacking up) and invest in captcha sniper to see if my goals could be met. She told me the 3 million verified/Target list is not the problem as it gets filtered and edited every few minutes for the purpose of removing dead links.

What should I do as I need expert advice? 

do I need to waste money on VPS monthly subscriptions as I intend to purchase captcha sniper soon? 


  • Why do you want to purchase captcha sniper? Don't you have GSA Captcha Breaker already?
    You said that 5-20k backlinks daily is becoming a problem. Why?

  • SvenSven
    captcha sniper? Is that even an option today? It would probably slow your link building down as it's known to crash and freeze SER, if you want a captcha solving tool, look for other options like GSA Captcha Breaker. Though don't only listen to me (the coder of CB).
  • @TheGypsy I don't have GSA captcha breaker. I wish it cost a little less or has a discounted price and yes 5-20k backlinks are becoming a problem for reasons I don't even understand as I have everything set up properly. the only thing I know I don't have now is a reliable captcha solver. 

    @Sven I know captcha sniper freezes which is why I have not purchased it.  The demo I installed on my PC for testing was a nightmare. 

    If I invest in GSA Captcha Breaker, will I have to renew my license annually and also is it very reliable?

  • You must have GSA Captcha Breaker.
    You have to figure out what's wrong with your setup if you want to build links. Not having a captcha breaker is one of them. Not having a proper link list is another. I wonder how many indexed domains that 3million target list contain and how many of them available for you without CB. 
  • JoesamJoesam Nigeria
    edited February 2020
    @TheGypsy I subscribed for a $37 monthly access to verified listings from these guys, I don't know if anyone here as had any experience with them. They seem to be so confident about what they are selling. 

    I will purchase GSA captcha breaker then since you said it is a MUST HAVE.

    does GSA captcha breaker need proxies to work?

    P.S- They told me I won't really get too many links if I don't have a captcha solver in place.

  • No, I don't have experience with them. My advice is that you should always set up tests with different providers and choose the ones that have the best success rates for your needs. I use looplines's list but you can use what works best for you.

    All the link lists that are made for SER are made using GSA CB. You must have a captcha solving solution and CB is your best bet. 
    Loopline provides additional lists for those who fancy v2 captchas too but not everybody needs those.

    Also, if you want to go big you will need good internet connection which means you will need a vps as your home router won't be up to the task unfortunately. I have a 600/600MB connection but I can't run more than 50threads on SER else the router freezes. Learning SER at home is cool but if you want to scale operations you'll need a vps.

    P.S They were right. Building links without a captcha solver is like hunting without any weapon.
  • @TheGypsy can you recommend any solid VPS solution?
  • Solid seo vps is providing solid services for years. You have to pay a price for that. Solid SEO
    Otherwise you can just search for vps providers and find the best one that is close enough and in the acceptable price range. There are always promotions going on in one of the countries around the world.
    This is a pretty cheap one with not so perfect performance but the network works well: WindowsVPS
    Don't waste your money on VPS until you have mastered SER though. Buying tools alone wont rank your sites. You need to know why you buy the tools.

  • Tim89Tim89
    edited February 2020
    Captcha Breaker all the way, one time purchase, no renewals.

    You'll make back what you spend on it with the solutions it provides.

    I'm almost certain that list seller started off on this very forum moons ago.. If my memory serves me well, then they disappeared from here, I'd go with Looplines service if I were you, especially if they are recommending CS instead of CB. (I don't purchase lists, I scrape my own but Loopline has been around for a while and he seems like a nice guy)

    If you want to hit those figures, up your emails for each account, increase the number of posts for each source, lower your HTML timeout and check to see if your bandwidth is throttling your lpm. 

    beyond this, You'd probably need to get a vps but if you're just wanting more output, just duplicate more campaigns, increase emails and reposts, if you're not bothered about unique ip's.
  • Unre3alEy3Unre3alEy3 Inside your Brain!
    It is a big target indeed and you are going to need a VPS to reach the goal. Save a bit and get GSA Captcha Breaker. It's really worth it as it comes with a one time purchase. Seems like you are new to GSA. Learn about the tool first and start using it.
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