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Current best way to get embeds?

Hi guys, haven't used gsa for quite a while. I'm knocking the dust off of it for a few reasons, but the biggest one right now is to get more google map and youtube embeds out there.

I looked thru a dozen or so related threads before posting this, most of them were a few years old.

I found two that were relevant and from within the past year I think

So the current best way to add either a gmb iframe or youtube video (or whatever else iframe embed based) is to add the link to the 'video url input' section?

Vs adding the embed code within html of the article or some other method?

Or would I get different results based on the platform being posted to?

Which leads me to my other question. What current platforms should I select that will post embeds? Should I just tick all of the 'contextual' sites?

Thanks yall


  • SvenSven
    As long as engines support html, they should support iframe. There are just a few (~5) where no iframe is supported and it is automatically removed from the article if present.

    Some engines use a different format (like bbcode) to embed and it is automatically converted.

    However, your findings are correct and it should be added as a custom video link with full <iframe...> format per line.
  • googlealchemistgooglealchemist Anywhere I want
    edited January 2020
    THANKS...I'm trying to setup a project for this now. I've googled it and searched the forum but didnt find an answer...and its likely a totally dumb/newb question but I have not run gsa in literally years. How do I add the 'custom video link' for the full iframe like you said for this?
    Is this the main add url section at the top of the main project section?
  • SvenSven
    1. edit project
    2. go to article manager tab at the top
    3. enable "video inserts" and click on "Own URLs"
    4. paste the full <iframe...> thing one per line to the box opening as input.
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