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Where can I find the types of backlinks each engine creates?

In the project options there are types of backlinks to choose from. Is there a file somewhere that governs which engine is what type? Can it be modified?


  • SvenSven
    it's in the script itself ...
    engine type=....

    You can define your own type there.
  • That's awesome! I was going to ask how can I regroup the engines next but you beat me to it.

    But this is not what I would like to know. There is a checkbox on the project options tab where you can select the type of backlins you want to create. I would like to know which engine builds which type of backlink.
  • SvenSven
    ok, thats also defined int he engine scripts.

    "link type=xyz"
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  • Does it have any consequences if I just change the "link type"?

    For example SMF engine has Forum post and Profile-Contextual. I'd like to change profile-contextual to Profile-anchor.
    Will this cause any problem with SER?
  • SvenSven
    no, but is that really the truth? Should I change it by default?
  • I set up a couple of projects smf engine only. I'll let you know of my findings.
  • abbdc1abbdc1 london
    edited April 2021
    any new findings ? nob here :) im wandering how to start and from where ? i mess everything here and really not sure how you guys import links and then how you post articles cos everytime i try to use its doing same links everytime and only for search engines, others blogs articles related i've insterted content for blog and others categories but not luck making ser posting my content :
  • To start you have to first KNOW what kind of links you want to build. For that you should head over to ahrefs and find out what your competition is doing.

    Once you know what do you want to build, buy a link list, emails, poroxies, content creator and set up a project for each SER engine category and run them. Once you got a couple of thousands verified links stop them, click through the links and pick the engines, that built the links you wanted.

    Repeat with another link list, provider.

    Set up projects with the links you found useful for your purposes.
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