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Old school poster, wanting some advice

Hi all, I used to use GSA SER a lot from 2012-2015 and had some great success with it. Mostly I just built links direct to my moneysite, using churn and burn. It worked well.

I have been working on other things in the interim but now am looking to get back into using SER again. I recently tested the waters by buying some shitty Fiverr GSA projects, suffice to say they all tanked.

Is anyone using SER now to build moneysite links? Or is it a complete no-go?

(Hi to all older posters and Sven).


  • Its a no go and test and try for churn and burn. Nothing fancy
  • DeeeeeeeeDeeeeeeee the Americas
    Hello, don't know if we've talked. Maybe? If not,  I know your name  from  reading the old GSA posts on this forum! :p

    I am trying to re-do ALL my projects.

    I still have some links pointing at money sites from SER from when I did that...for a while.... Is that bad?

    The links do help, no doubt.

    But now, (mostly) focusing on pointing GSA at higher tiers of those remaining links, rather than adding any more directly at the money site. Well, maybe a few to be totally honest. :|Is that terrible??

    Also, trying to mostly focus on  new linking of pyramids generated  by SER to 1st tier (some..very few, honestly...high-quality PBNs, of which I am going to be developing more)  and second tier (natural links to those PBNs, 301s,  and SER-posted  backlinks).

    Does that sound like a better use of SER? Not trying to C&B!

    Each money site I did a little differently. These are my (far from formal) experiments, with lousy data collection, but still, I get some (general) idea of how they work in comparison to each other. :p

  • Tim89Tim89
    Alot has changed in terms of what to build but then again, so much stuff still works, take your pick of methods are run with it, see what sticks for you.

  • DeeeeeeeeDeeeeeeee the Americas
    "take your pick of methods are run with it, see what sticks for you. "

    Good idea. I try to do each new project a little differently.  Should be taking better notes, b/c when I come back to it after a bit, it's not always easy figuring out what I was thinking or doing.

    My "testing" is really not up to par, honestly. And assessment of methods is essential!

    I still recall the extensive testing Shaun used to do. THAT was impressive!!!!!!

    For me, it's just approximating what works by checking SERPs using Google, by hand, as well as SEMrush. :|
  • i would not use it for T1 these days. It is still part of my toolkit but for different uses. for me, my success rate has climbed with better indexing of my links. That is what I am focused on going into 2020.
  • DeeeeeeeeDeeeeeeee the Americas
    I'm sure that even if SER is not ideal for T1 as I have used it in the past,

    then there are engines included or that can be made, as well as use of careful filtering, & rate limiting,   that CAN make it good for posting to T1.
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