Why success rate is so low?

 I started gsa ser after a year and wanted to build some contextual backlinks. I set up a project - articles only. Used the same proxy source as always. After 12h it posted 4 articles!!!
Why success rate is so low? It used to post at least 1000 articles per day year ago. I even scraped links list with scrapebox and added to gsa, but it still sucks. Got 6 articles after 16 hours


  • DeeeeeeeeDeeeeeeee the Americas
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    Using good proxies?

    Have good CAPTCHA solvers enabled? And...paid up and topped off with funds?

    Latest updated version of SER? GSA-Captcha Breaker (if using)?

    Have correct CAPTCHA set-up not only in SER, but CB, and on a per-project basis?

    Have Search Engines you want to use enabled for each project?

    Time-out not set too low?

    You haven't run in a year, I understand? Are your proxies burned out?

    Are they purchased? Maybe you need to trade them in for new?

    Do you have proxies that can be used to post that aren't flagged? As you are importing from SB, you won't need proxies that pass GooGil if that's the SE you use with your  SER projects, as you're not going to be scraping with SER.

    Are you using the right footprints in SB?

    Running through GSA Platform Identifier first? (Not necessary but you'll speed things up and know exactly how many target posting opportunities are actual)

    Hope this helps...
  • I use xevil for captcha, proxies from coolproxies. Everything the same as year before. Before i got 1-2k contextual links/24h, now i get 3-5. Maybe webmasters made harder antispam protections on their websites. I don't know, but now getting a lot of backlinks even from spammed sites it hard
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