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Retry to submit to previously failed submitted sites

Hi again, @Sven

I have some private blogs accounts that I imported into SER and wanted to post one article to them. It went as planned except one of the blogs were down because of technical issues.
Some time later I managed to get the site online and I'm waiting to SER to post to this last site as well. It doesn't happen.
I had "Retry to submit to previously failed submitted sites" enabled and set to 10 but after the site went online again I increased the retry to 20. Still nothing happened.
My question is will ever SER post to that last site that was down?
If not and that's because SER has gone through the indicated number of retries and it isn't trying anymore. Would it be possible to add a timer there? There we could set the amount of time must pass between two retries.



  • SvenSven
    edited October 2019
    why not simply delete url history? That would post to that site again.
  • I have done that and much more like deleting history, accounts, importing them again but nothing seemed to be working. At some point SER started the export accounts with extra 0 in them like this:

    I ended up cloning the project and sorting out the things like that so now I have a project that seems to be working. If you need that project backup for some research I can send it for you. My wild guess is that it had a problem with importing the account data from the clipboard but maybe not. 

    Have a nice weekend, anyway!
  • I was already saying this, SER should have a way to force a retry due to network / connectivity errors. But this can cause a lot of people using it when they should not, making a lot of harm.
  • Happening the same with me from ages and this is the most frustrating this as it can vanish even a huge list without even making a single link
  • SvenSven
    can you send me the project backup including the site/account that will not want to submit?
  • Hey @Sven have you received my pm?
  • SvenSven
    yes I did, but I didn't had time to check on it. It's still on my to-do list.
  • OK Thanks!

  • Hi again @Sven,
    I'm back to the original problem. Another of my site was down again when posting so the project couldn't post to that site. I managed to get the site up again but SER is not posting to this one remaining site.

    I deleted Target URL history and Target URL cache but it says that no targets to post to. I could delete the accounts and then import that one remaining account or create another project posting for that account, I know.
    I'm looking for a bit more novel solution that is a bit less painful on the long term.

    Also consider that this problem occurs daily with normal high volume submissions especially with the sites we post to. This could mean a lot of lost link opportunity.
  • SvenSven
    try the following please:
    1. right click->modify->delete unused accounts
    2. import accounts again
    3. submit
  • OK this one did the trick for now but I'll haunt you with this. :)
    Sending you a pm because you may want to have a look of the account data.
  • I guess the problem here is: what kind of detection to use to mark the site as failed?
  • I can't help with that. I'm only here for complaining :P

    But on second thought SER must have some kind of detection for that already as there is an option to retry for failed sites. Only an option to set the time between two try is missing.
  • Yes but this is not working otherwise you wouldnt complain :P
  • Unfortunately, complaining doesn't work either...
    Otherwise I would complain myself to the first spot for all the "payday loan" keywords :)

  • SvenSven
    will have a look on this soon, slowly recovering from being sick the last 2 days.
  • Get better Sven! Nothing is more important than being healthy and sound. Except maybe the happiness of your wife... :D
  • Hope you are better Sven! I'd like to nag you with this stuff above. I'm trying to set up some badass campaigns soon and this delayed retry option seems to be more useful than I initially thought. There are plenty of unstable hosts out there.
  • SvenSven
    I thought it was fixed already?
  • I was not aware of that.

    During the posting I had some (SOCK: Connection timed out) error and some sites that were actually down for various reasons. When I got the error of "no targets to post to" I just turned off the project and did the "delete accounts add acounts dance" and posted again until it was all posted.

    You say there is delay already added the "retry to submit to previously failed submitted sites"? How long is it?

  • SvenSven
    if there are accounts to submit to and they failed before, SER will pick them up in random time when there is nothing else to post.
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  • Awesome! I'll wait it out next time.
    Thanks a lot!
  • Some questions have arrised.
    Is there an upper limit for this random time?
    More importantly how will I know that it will not try to post to the sites again?
    I've got no engine matches errors now from the same sites that were SER posted before. Is this count as a failed submission and SER will try to submit there again?
  • SvenSven
    SER counts all the verified and to-be-verify and decides to post there or not.
  • I try to explain it better.

    I duplicated a project.
    I imported 13accounts and 1 article then started SER.
    SER verified 7links, couldn't verify 1 which is in the submitted.
    Posting to 5 sites is failed. (no engine matches and one network error 500) (another projects posted to these sites before so it should be working)
    It shows the no target to post to error.

    Should I wait for SER to try to post to these 5 failed sites again?
  • SvenSven
    yes, SER will pick up the left accounts from your accounts not used.
  • OK then I wait. Maybe it would be a useful thing to show a different error message in such cases. At least it would save you from me freaking out ;)
  • Hi Sven,
    I'm back with this thing again. A couple of updates ago I noticed that SER is struggling to post to these sites again. A could test it right away so I can't say which update could be responsible but somewhere now and between we last talked about this.

    I've got the same problem. SER is not finishing the posting for the accounts imported to the project. I have 13 accounts imported and I want them to have 1 article that is in the article manager. I set the submit retry to 200 but some of the sites fail. The sites are hosted by me and running well. Not the fastest host but it works. If I delete url history and chache then import the accounts again then the project finishes so it works. But SER is not trying hard enough to post to these sites.
    Could it be that it ignores the retry settings or the random time you set last time?
  • SvenSven
    if you delete history and it worked, then usually SER tried to submit there before and is over the limit.
  • Sorry, but what does over the limit means? Over the retry limit? So I simply should increase the retry numbers?
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