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how to use GSA ser on targeted/competition url newbie

Im new to GSA
Here is what I've done.
1. from Ahref tool downloaded back links niche related (competitors sites)
2. identified them through  options-tools- (identify platform and sort in) 60 identified rest unknown - all in total 128 file with urls provided just in case some one want to check
3  where to submit - checked all identified engines
3. Start new campaign   how to target urls- use urls from global site list - identified
4 Start  
From 60 only 10 submited and 0 verified  
I understand maybe some engines doesn't match and GSA cant post and verified links  but from 128 at least 10 must be verified 
Please advise (I spent tones of hours to learn how this tools works and no result yet :( )

 (by the way from my bad  experience  few days ago I used scrapebox to scrape niche related urls and did same process and get exactly same result fron 2000urls - 0 Verified links - I thought maybe i used bad footprints with keywords and start my attention on competitors niche related sites with 0 result)



  • And one more question 
    If GSA can't identify and post to same competitor urls  - Which tools can do that - I cant believe that each url post done by hand.(some high quality yes, but local directory with address and names map etc. ) 
  • What you are trying to do sounds good in theory but unfortunately this is how it translates to reality.
    Anyway, if your niche isn't in the "spam sites to death" category then even if you manage to successfully submit there won't make a significant difference.
    If you are in any half decent English niche then you will need PBN or at least web2.0 as T1 and whatever else you have on t2 and t3.

    GSA has a tool that does directory submits but I can't tell how effective it is. You may
    have a look at it.

  • Hi the Gypsy
    thank you for your answer 
    Let me rephrase my question- I have 128 links manually "by hand" I can submit and verify at least 20-30urls but with GSA ser I can't even submit and verify 1 
    I was thinking the main purpose of this tool to eliminate time consuming hand work but at this point of my knowledge it looks like main purpose of this tool create urls  on spam sites and bunch of entrepreneurs trying to sell you verifyed lists ,vpn, ip  .... Only buy buy buy .....
    Maybe Im wrong but for the beginner like me its huge frustration. all what I want take links where already niche related competitor urls  and repeat url process  and looks like on reality nobody know how to do it.
    I think If developer of this tool   make more info how to make it more flexible or how to adjust it more people will buy it and more people will be much happier.
  • Welcome to the world of SEO. Being frustrated is part of the job :)

    The tool does what it does. It's up to you how much time you invest in learning how to use it and how much that time will worth in your niche.

    I have 128 links manually "by hand" I can submit and verify at least 20-30urls but with GSA ser I can't even submit and verify 1

    SER can't submit because
    A. It doesn't know the platform
    B. Can't solve the captcha
    C. Bunch of other technical issues

    A. Unfortunately Sven still hasn't released a platform trainer so you have to manually create engines for your own purposes
    B. Buy relevant captcha services
    C. Make sure everything is nice and dandy.
  • Hi Gypsy 
    thanks again for your answer.
    can you please point me where I can start to learn how to create engines 
    thank you

  • SvenSven
    We have a script guide on 
  • Thank you Sven

  • Also there is the forum that you can search for long forgotten wisdom like this:

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