1linklist VS Loopline list GSA SER


I wanted to buy a list as i realize now it is necessary for SER but i am unable to choose between 1linklist and loopline auto approve lists. My budget is tight, i can afford only one from them. Please guide if you have tried them both. Which list has more success rate in terms of contextual link and blog comments and which list will be more helpful for me.

Any help will be greatly appreciated.
Thank you so much.


  • Don't be deceived by what they advertise in their sales thread. 1linklist is total rip off.
    Its like throwing away money in a dustbin. Loopline can't post to more than 100 unique contextual backlinks.
    If you need 90-100 contextual backlinks, buy loopline list.
    If service are reviewed by real people before coming live, no one will ever waste money on 1linklist. Its junk.
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  • I actually tried the free list that 1link gave, and 1% from that list were successfully verified. 

    But on the other hand, without a list SER can't work at its full potential.

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