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False link indexed

edited September 2012 in Need Help

and now i clicked on " verified links must have exact url " but software generate backlinks with GENERAL domain again... Not my complete article url...

Second question:

How fast generally an article get inxeded ?
With my first articles i was on first page innert 1 day... And indexed in a few hours... without this Software...

Now im waiting for 2 days and Google dosnt find my exact article url :-(


  • OzzOzz
    edited September 2012
    why are you asking the same question in different threads?

    to your other question:

    How fast generally an article get inxeded ?
    only google can tell you that. the only thing you can do is to make use of an index service or GSA Indexer. those services can speed this up, but its not a certain solution. again, only google decide when your site is indexed. you were lucky with your first articles but this don't means that it has to happen every time this fast.

    Edit: you should also have checked "submit backlink URLs..." in Options -> Indexer
  • Thanks... I thought if i click accepted, nobody will read my next answere ;)
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