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edited March 2013 in Bugs
When i try to add new email, i get some email seruo and i cab't edit anything. Can't change the pop server can't change the password.


  • to use the mailnesia service just click 
    "Create New" -> 

    and set up a number of emails. done.
  • @sven : thanks for this  great new feature!!!!!!! I get MUCH MORE success with verification... its quicker and faster...

    so those hotmail accounts will be superflous some time.
  • I saw in another post that @sven added a new default random temp e-mail with every new project. I believe that's what the spintax is.
  • love it!
  • those temp mailnesia mails are good for verifying new accounts? they don't have spam filters or something like that, we don't have to do anything like hotmail accounts? also how long 1 account last?
  • @rodol they're great. The site automatically clicks verification links, it's temp e-mail build for registering at sites. They should last forever.

    I would suggest actually going to and reading about the service.
  • cool feature indeed!

    no more loading hotmails?!  *cross fingers*
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