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Let see if i can explain,

if i have 50 projects all with tiers and i would like to modifiy all tier 1 engines, now i would have to select 1 by 1 with ctrl button and then edit, isnt there a way to select all tier1 and push a button and edit them?


  • AlexRAlexR Cape Town
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    So what you're asking for is a quick edit button, or a shortcut key? Was thinking the exact same thing today! So you select the 50 projects and press "alt + E" and it goes to edit engines option rather than using the mouse option. It's just the delay on a VPS remote connection means that I often end up pressing the wrong option. :(
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    I have been thinking of the same thing also.... usually you keep certain standards across most projects and I just recently had to open them all up and make the same change in each one... A global option to change project settings would be nice!
  • AlexRAlexR Cape Town
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    We're talking about different things...

    To prevent the 1 by 1, you have to group them together, but I'd rather group by website so I still end up selecting one by one.

    What would be neat is a "tag" we can add to projects. Then have an option to select all with a specific tag. This would be the MOST incredible time saver! 

    Everytime there is a new update I have to select projects one by one on each VPS. If I could use a tag to select all T0's or all T1's that would be AMAZING!!!
  • @AlexR that would be great
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