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Are customized engines safe from updates?

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I would like to modify some engines to try and make them more effective (simply limiting foreign language search terms), but I think that on new updates of the software, maybe they would get overwritten. Which is the best way to organize this?
Maybe making copies and naming them differently?


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    Maybe making copies and naming them differently?

    Thats the way to go. If you order the *.ini by date you'll know if Sven has changed something to the script and compare it to your "extra-script".
  • Yeah, just prefix them like "custom_platformname.ini"
  • same issue i brought up in a previous thread. seems a better option would be a custom folder where we can add our custom engines. the gsa software could then read from that folder and run them instead of the original scripts. basically a replace function :)
  • Yes I agree, like it is done with the custom search engines
  • Plus 1 on this idea for custom folder.
  • SvenSven
    Common just name your customized engines differently and it should do the thing as well. We don't need a custom folder I think. MYMOD_ENGINE-XYZ.ini. Maybe also enter "engine type" differently and you are all set.
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