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Facebook and Twitter, etc.

edited September 2012 in Feature Requests
What if you could input a money sites facebook and twitter url into the project and help promote it as well?


  • Create backlinks to those urls? Sure just add them in a project.
    If you mean actually tweet etc via GSA, probably not going to happen any time soon
  • on some engines you can leave your account data in your profile. 
    i don't know if you like to do this. but in case you do, search for something like "twitter=%leave%" in your scripts and replace %leave% with your data.

    some of these engines are: elgg, fluxbb, fudforum, general blogs, keywordluv, mybb, php link directory, punbb, qlwebds, smf, unknown directory 2, vanilla and xmb.

    if you have several projects with different twitter/facebook-urls than you need to rename each script according to your project ("project1-fluxxbb.ini" for example) and choose that script in your project options.
  • Good points. I'm not looking for GSA to tweet for me, etc. but I guess more of a lazy way of adding your social media sites in a really easy way
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