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GSA Website Contact: Why does most search engines keep banning my IP (Reposted)

I'm new to GSA WC and also a newbie to marketing entirely.
I came accrose GSA WC and realized is something that will really help my small marketing firm so i decided to make a purchase.

But so far each time i begin scrapping my IP easily get banned by most search engine and when this happen after awhile it start to skip some sites untill the whole project will pause entirely (not stop)
Is this issue of getting a paid proxy? if so which one one is th most recomended to enble me run my search smoothly.

I dont usually start more than one project at once but i intend to do so in the future so i need all the help i could possibly get to enable me enjoy this software.

Thanks in advaance!



  • looplineloopline
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    So your ips are getting blocked by search engines, it happens.  Thats the entire point of using proxies on the scraping side.  It gives you more ips and thus makes it look like connecitons are coming from different machines. 

    Its all about speed.  So making X queries in X time if that gets you blocked, then you need to make less queries in that time.  You can do that by turning down connections and using delays, or you can just add more ips. 


    Hopefully you read the above line.  If you:

    `Post without proxies and there is a complaint it goes to your ISP and they can then refuse to sell you internet access, obviously bad.  Ive been there and done that

    `Post with public proxies, it will crush your success rate as public proxies are unreliable

    `Post with private or shared/semi private proxies, you will get the best success rate and avoid complaints.

    So if you buy some private proxies for posting, you can use them for scraping too and that will help you out some, even 5 private/semi private proxies is enough for posting functionally, but most proxy providers do have a max simultaneous connections limit. 

    Typically thats 10 connections per proxy.   So if you buy 5 proxies you can make max 50 connections to them at the same time.  So if you make 1 connection for scraping and 49 for posting your maxed out.  So if you need to post at 100 connections then you need 10 proxies etc..  you can ask the provider what their limit is. 

    If they say they have no llimit, I avoid them.  You can do as you choose, but my experience has been that if there is no limit for you, there is no limit for anyone else and their servers are probably over loaded and often slower then providers with limits. 

    Public proxies are fine for scraping from search engines, so you can use public proxies for scraping form engines and private proxies for posting, website contact lets you do that. 

    As for where to get proxies, these are the places I use personally and recommend. 

    There are also some coupon codes there where applicable and some other great resources there that you may find helpful.

    Disclaimer - There are affiliate links listed on that site, although you can always skip them if you like and go straight to the provider. 

    Lastly, given that your new, you would do well to make sure you abide by any applicable laws in any countries you submit contact forms in.  In the USA this would fall under CAN SPAM, and in Europe it would fall under ePrivacy and if you are using personal info it could fall under GDPR. 

    You don't want to do anything illegal so treat this just as if you are sending cold email and follow those laws and stay legal and you should be good.*

    *Disclaimer: This is not legal advice and you should also seek legal advice from a competent relevant attorney.  I can not be held responsible for your actions.

    Did that sound like a disclaimer at the end of a TV drug advertisement?  lol   :D 

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  • DeeeeeeeeDeeeeeeee the Americas
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    Sven recently linked back to this...

    Loopline, I'm happy you posted this; I read this a while back but totally forgot. Glad I didn't just plunge ahead...I'll definitely use proxies...THANK YOU!

    "Did that sound like a disclaimer at the end of a TV drug advertisement?  lol   :D   "  -loopline

    haha You're missing the part where they rattle off the side-effects at lightning speed! lol

    Probably best to read (and  re-read) CAN SPAM or other relevant laws!

    I find nothing in CAN SPAM (specifically) that states you CANNOT e-mail/e-message/e-contact a company/org/entity  online (at the very least) ONCE without ANY penalty, if all other rules are followed.

    So, it seems OK to try to cultivate a business partnership/acquire a new client/etc., but if and only if you follow the (few) rules


    ABSOLUTELY! Take a recipient off the list if they tell you to.

    The fines seem way too steep to be fair, honestly. :(  It's easy to have a request to remove auto-placed into a spam folder. :| >_<

    **Also, remember this now that I re-read it: If the >>>PRIMARY<<< purpose of the e-communication is NOT commerce, but rather cultivating a relationship OR anything else (informing, educating, etc.) CAN SPAM does >>>NOT<<< apply!  Good incentive to be creative with our projects and be interesting and friendly.

    "...A. It’s common for email sent by businesses to mix commercial content and transactional or relationship content. When an email contains both kinds of content, the primary purpose of the message is the deciding factor. Here’s how to make that determination: If a recipient reasonably interpreting the subject line would likely conclude that the message contains an advertisement or promotion for a commercial product or service or [emphasis added] if the message’s transactional or relationship content does not appear mainly at the beginning of the message, the primary purpose of the message is commercial. So, when a message contains both kinds of content – commercial and transactional or relationship – if the subject line would lead the recipient to think it’s a commercial message, it’s a commercial message for CAN-SPAM purposes. Similarly, if the bulk of the transactional or relationship part of the message doesn’t appear at the beginning, it’s a commercial message under the CAN-SPAM Act..."
    -CAN-SPAM Act: A Compliance Guide for Business
    ht tps://www. ftc. gov/tips-advice/business-center/guidance/can-spam-act-compliance-guide-business

    Am I missing anything??

    *Oh, and, as Loopline said, not LEGAL advice. Just my reading of a (fairly straightforward) law.

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