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Remove license

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hi, how do i remove a licence from GSA SER? i am changing vps and i would like to remove the old vps licence, before someone steals it.


  • AlexRAlexR Cape Town
    You've already asked this here:

    and it's been covered a few times in the forum. Use the search box. 
  • edited March 2013
  • ronron

    The most basic question I have is why didn't you uninstall the software? I wouldn't just leave the software there...I would be leaving that VPS the way I got it - which is empty.

  • Ron, i dont have admin rights to do anything on that vps, and im scared they gonna use my licence
  • AlexR i used the search button, but only found how to transfer, there is not "unregister this pc" button on GSA like many other software
  • no admin rights on your VPS?? change your VPS provider as fast as possible imo.
  • LeeGLeeG Eating your first bourne
    You need to run a program called revo uninstaller to take out all the hidden licence information
  • im stuffed then, i cant install anything on that vps, and if i ask to uninstall gsa im sure they take the licence, as the software was preinstalled on the system.

    Can i change my licence contacting gsa?
  • Contacted Sven, he told me to delete everything where my projects are stored! Did that and now you launch GSa and it says "your demo version has expired"

    Now i feel better
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