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Phising Alert while running Indexer

TMITMI Germany
Hi, today I bougt and run GSA SEO Indexer first time. First trial I chose "Quick Indexer Mode" and all was fine. About 288 actions performed.

Then I did a secound approach with another link to see what happens with "Full indexer Mode". It started running and my Anti-Virus popped up telling me an alert about 2 opened links with phishing activities. One domain with "mobile-bbs" in it and one with "". Both domains from Russia.

Do I risk something by running your indexing software GSA SEO like catching viruses or phising attacks ? Both actions got performed with "sites that can index deep links".

Which mode I should choose during the future ? Is "Quick" mode enough to promote a page and get it indexed or do I need "Full" mode that all works well ? I have no experience with that and do not understand this difference. Full index takes not long on my computer and I could always use it without a speed problem but I have no idea what it actually does. I only know, that search engines want to see natural growth of backlinks and if I shoot around with a link bazooka it might cause more problems than benefits later on ???

I also would like to ask, if Google or any other search engine can see this activity as spam and give me a penalty on that ?

My idea was to build up backlinks manually every day ... step by step and just few a day. And every backlink I wanted to promote with GSA SEO Indexer "Full" mode to get it noticed by the search engines quickly.
How about the proxies ? What is that and do I need it ? Does it help somehow to use them ?
Can my internetprovider track my activities if I use SEO Indexer few times a day and judge it as spamming like sending mass mails or something ?


  • SvenSven
    I was not aware that these sites have been infected. I have removed them in latest update.

    However, you don't have to worry about these alerts. Because the tool does not execute any script found on these sites. What you see is the alert from your anti virus program thinking that this would get executed next time it was downloaded. But it is not.

    Though I see that this is scary and removed it as soon as you reported it.
  • TMITMI Germany
    Ok, thank you. Would you be so kind and give me also a short comment on teh other questions ? The explanation video was a bit too short for somebody who has no idea about how this works. Thank you !
  • SvenSven
    Full Mode is the one you want to use for maximum results. Use Quick only if you have too many sites to index.
    This is in no way spam. It's not even giving static links, just dynamic.
    Using proxies is not required in my eyes. But each SEO guy has it's own view here.
  • TMITMI Germany
    Ok, thank you !
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