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GSA SER Email Verification

PeteSPeteS USA
edited November 2018 in GSA Search Engine Ranker
I am new to GSA SER. Good question here. In gmail, I have the option marking emails as read upon pop3 access. Now I only see about 25% of the emails being marked as read, does that mean most of the emails are not even touched ? I dont have any "delete message" option on in GSA setting, nor see anything in the trash folder in gmail.


  • SvenSven
    Indeed all should be read. However, if an email is marked as read in
    your browser/client does not really mean a thing because once a software
    reads them via pop3 access, it is not said that it is also tagged as
    read in your browser/client.
    But please make sure all accounts actually work. Please go to project
    options->email accounts->test
  • Hi Pete 

    Was wondering man, where about's are you buying your email accounts as i'm after some 
  • PeteSPeteS USA
    edited December 2018
    There many good offers around. Look under buy / sale / trade.

    I ended up setting up my own email server on a cheaper ssd VPS and quick POP3 access. You dont need a lot of RAM / CPU but ssd disk is needed for bigger email volumns. Receiving 100K-200K emails / day. For 20-30 cheaper catchall root domains but I can attach as many  domains on it as I want now. I do forward every 5 catchall root domains to one mailbox so my crons can take care of that mail box properly and reducing too many emails going into one mailbox / directory for performance. I also had to code a little utility program to update the DNS automatically on a new domain to point to my email server, reducing my workload...

    It took about 2 days to set it up with lot of trials and errors, auto expunge, auto-delete crons, etc. All seem working perfect now. Emails come real quick - quicker than gmail and friends ? :). The best part is speed and no throttle nor limit on POP3 email pulls, which a lot of hosts and email providers do that, even gmail with 1gb POP3 limit or so ? 

    GSA SER does read all emails properly. Thumbs up for that

    Thinking of making an online app for people to utilize their spare domains for emails. But thats the story of another day

    Not recommended for beginners, non developers. 
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