submitted links decrements... went from 11k+ in project to under 10k?

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saw this happening today and was wondering what it means

my project had over 11k+ in the submitted column

then just watching ser today, i saw the number in the submitted column decrementing... and it went from 11k+ to 10k+ to now 9981

looking at the log, i see it's going through the verification process and when it's failed, it decrements the submitted count one by one

i thought if verification failed, it means it won't show up in the verified column... why does it also decrement the submitted count?

thanks for you help!


  • OzzOzz
    Accepted Answer
    SER will dump the URL after a while when it doesn't find a link.

    please reread the inofficial FAQ again and use the search funciton or google next time for such a basic question, because its been asked since version 1.0 i believe.
  • my apologies

    i assure you i do use the search function and go through a few pages of thread titles to see if it's been asked before...

    only thing is the recently answered topic is always at the top and so answers often get buried

    i will use google to search the site from now on
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