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pr check blocked?

pclwebpclweb UK
edited September 2012 in Need Help
i've imported around a million websites but using global lists i've got a
max 400 links from this list using no pr1 and no pr? in settings. it
seems the pr check is not working after a while. maybe due to an ip
block and its then just missing all the other targets. i'm running 24
proxies with 50 threads. theres no way out of over a million targets
scraped there's less than a thousand PR1+

i'm running 24 proxies with 50 threads..


  • pclwebpclweb UK
    edited September 2012

    just did a test with only 10 threads and its picking up pr on every site sofar.. :)

    hopefully theres something that can be done aside from spending a fortune on a 100 proxies..

    pr check does seem to be getting blocked

  • PR of the site or the domain?
    -> project options -> use PR of domain/site
  • OzzOzz
    edited September 2012
    maybe your connection was overloaded and GSA couldn't download the site within the timeout settings??

    or the targets were spammed to death and it got filtered out by -> Options -> Filters -> Max size of site
  • hi Ozz, pr of domain used. it seems to run through the sites but give a pr of pr?. when i check the sites they do have a pr number.

    also i'm using my global list and i seem to be getting "Loaded 0/50 URLs from site lists" contantly its like there nothing there but i have a million links in different folders

  • Quote Sven: "0/50 means that none of the 50 loaded URLs are new to the project so it will not proceed any of them."
  • ok will empty the history and try with a low thread count so the ip doesn't get blocked when pagerank checking.. :)
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