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Is there any way to post to selfhosted wordpress sites

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I need to post to self hosted wordpress site. Can we do it with GSA SER.


  • SvenSven
    if you write an engine for it, than yes.
  • Thanks sven

    Is wordpress article is the best engine to modify?
    What is the delimiter used in project.static 
  • It seems to me you would hardcode the login details, for example if you are wanting to post to WP blogs in a network, unless you want to create accounts at your own SHWP MU?
  • i would start with the Web20 engine ""
  • Thanks Ozz

    Do you know the delimiter used in project.static  file where account data is stored?

  • OzzOzz
    edited February 2013
    i'm not exactly sure whats this file about as i've never touched it.

    if you want to hardcode your account-data to the engine than i would try it this way and modify the following lines with your actual username and password:


    you should also delete those lines because they are not needed anymore imo:
    must be filled=1
    hint=The login for websites that need an account. Use numbers and letters only.
    min length=4

    must be filled=1
    hint=A password used for websites that need an account. Use numbers and letters only.
    min length=5

    [Your E-Mail]
  • Thanks Ozz for the help but I want to use multiple sites I think hardcoding is not an option.

    I haven't able to post yet, but 2 more issues.

    1. I need to feed the target URL over and over.
    2. I need to delete success file from the project to re submit.

    Is there any way we can resubmit to fixed targets without checking if site is already submitted to and without feeding the target list over and over?
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