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post data

edited February 2013 in Need Help    when i debug this engine, i change [REGISTER_STEP1] below



form name=*Create Account
form url=*/register/

submit success=Your account has been successfully created.|>logout<|/logout/|That user url is already being used.
submit failed=icon-failure.gif
submit success skip verify=That user url is already being used.|>logout<|/logout/

verify submission=1
verify interval=30
verify timeout=30
first verify=0
verify by=email
verify on unknown status=1

post data=users[1]=%spinfile-names.dat% %spinfile-lnames.dat%&users[2]=%login%&users[3][email]=&users[name]=&users[password]=%password%&users[password_confirm]=%password%&users[url]
set unknown variable=2

but gsa set all field set to 2  and add more field as below

required=users[1],users[2],users[3],users[passwor...<cut>...rd_confirm]  [type: HIDDEN]
redirect=/signup/  [type: HIDDEN]
users[name]=Bailey  [type: TEXT]
users[email]  [type: TEXT]
users[url]=  [type: TEXT]
users[1]=2  [type: TEXT]
users[2]=2  [type: TEXT]
users[3]=2  [type: TEXT]
users[password]=2  [type: TEXT]
users[password_confirm]=2  [type: TEXT]


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