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Couple of questions "bet you heard that before" :)

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Hi There

First of all I love this tool it's really awesome, I used the trial and then purchased it within 2 hours, I even added the extra product to it as well. I just wanted to ask something please, I only need social links mostly, perhaps blog comments as well, I don't need to worry about being punished as this is for my clients videos and stuff.

I'm using private proxies and have seen a lot of "bad parsing" errors, I did look on here and read it could be something to do with the proxies. Do I have them added correctly?

This is the format I have:


The GSA is saying that they are working correctly, I have tested them via Scrapebox which suggests they are fine, plus I have tested them on the tool from Squid proxies as well all saying they are fine. 

What do you consider a good amount of verified success links to be a good blast?

I have created some folders/sub folders for different niches that I need to blast, however as I'll be blasting the same types of videos for my clients, would it matter if I just edited old campaigns each time, after replacing the spun content links of course. 

Lastly I would like to know how long it will take, if I'm to just blast using social links including perhaps the blog comments. How can I get the quickest blast possible etc...

Any feedback would be great, thanks for reading my post. It's appreciated greatly.




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    "bad parsing"? maybe "already parsed"? you know you can right click on the log window and stop the autoscroll to take a closer look.

    If your proxies would not be good you would see this all time when the program is searching
    000/000 results on searchengine.. If you tested your proxies in sbox and SER and they com out ok.. they should work correctly. Try to use private proxies for reliable link posting and searching and speed.
    If youre in doubt of in what format to import your proxies then open up the proxy options and click on ADD PROXIES and you will see the 2 different formats.. prepare your file like that.

    I would also suggest you to watch all the videos on SER to have the best start.. :)

    If youre promoting videos and such you can use much more links than to moneysites, also use a variety of links and let it run for some weeks.. fast blasting is never good.. so try 200-500 submitted per day. You can set this option in the project edit under options

  • what do you mean with "bad parsing"?

    i think you are confusing "download failed" (= bad proxies mostly) and "already parsed" messages.

    "already parsed" means nothing more than that SER has (tried to) submitted to the URL previously, regardless if successfully or not. you can say that those URLs are already known to SER so it won't try to submit to it again.

    if you are trying to promote youtube videos for your clients than you could also embed the video urls in article/social network types of platforms. and don't forget clipbucket where you can embed the vids also.
  • Wow great advice and hep thanks, I will use your advice thanks. :)
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