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Proxies test good in Scrapebox but bad in SER

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I have some shared proxies from BuyProxies. They all always test fine in Scrapebox, but 15 of them always test bad in SER. Anyone have similar experience or explanations?


  • I've had that happen, but it was due to my own personal bandwidth connection. Are you running any other programs in the background?
  • LeeGLeeG Eating your first bourne

    Its a regular problem, try a different string in the tester

    Chances are your proxies are banned on bing

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    @grafx77 - nothing else was running at the time. There should be no bandwidth problems.

    @LeeG - Tried several different URL/string combinations. Why would I get these results? (out of 30 proxies)

    URL                           String                  # Good         mail                       15            hotmail                  8            bing                       8         about                     12            faster                     17

    What exactly is this "test" doing? Why such a variance? Why do they not test good in SER? (They all still test good in Scrapebox.)

  • AlexRAlexR Cape Town
    Check this post out: Same issue but using different VPS's to test.

  • I didn't see that thread before, but it doesn't look like it was ever resolved/answered. So what is the reason or solution? What's the purpose of even testing them if you can't get good results? If I don't go back and put a check on the ones that fail, I assume that SER is not going to use them even though they are really good...correct?
  • AlexRAlexR Cape Town
    I assume you're using private proxies. The bigger issue you have is that they may go down for 2 or 3 hours and SER will still try and use them. I think Sven may be working on a feature to temp disable them and recheck later. 

    Regarding - do you have auto disable bad proxies...this is dangerous as if all private proxies go down, it will use your IP so most leave this off. BUT it then means that failed proxies remain active!
  • just test them in scrapebox, if they are good there, dont worry.
  • Yes, they are private proxies. No, I do not have auto disable on.

    I left my proxy settings as they were after the last test (with 17 good proxies). I have been running SER now for 4-5 hours and all 17 proxies are still alive and working. If I had stopped after I ran the test and only had 8 good proxies, I would be running with only 8 this whole time.

    The proxies are obviously good (because the program continues to use them and has not flagged any of the other ones that it reported as "bad" when running the other tests). So, to me, there definitely seems to be a problem with the "test proxies" function the way it is currently done.

    If I put a check beside the proxies that are marked as bad (they are not currently checked), will SER use them while it is processing? If it will, will it mark them as "good" if it is successful in using them?

    As it is now, I have 13 perfectly good proxies that are sitting there doing nothing because SER thinks they are bad.
  • Not trying to beat a dead horse, but...I would appreciate some input from Sven (or someone who can shed some real light on this topic). I just ran another series of tests on my proxies (after using them for about 10 hours in SER today). All 30 proxies still test fine in Scrapebox. Here are my test results with various URLs and strings when testing them in SER...(Numbers are good/bad - out of 30 proxies. When just numbers are listed, the same test was run multiple times.)        faster        12/18
                                          17/13     faster        10/20        news          21/9        videos        9/21
                                          21/9        mail       12/18        global      30/30
                          discover    30/30

    What is the purpose of even testing them if you can't really tell if they are good or not?
  • SvenSven
    Sorry but are you sure it's a good test string ? I don't see anything wrong in the code. If you can, provide a proxa where you think it is checked incorrectly via pm.
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