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Hello world! (From 2018 may 12th)

Hello world!
i want to learn about gsa ser.
there are tons of videos and articles but 95% of them is old.

i want to know that, u are all alive?


  • DeeeeeeeeDeeeeeeee the Americas
    Hi! :)

    GSA is very much alive! Sven and co. are still putting out updates for SER all the time.

    And other GSA programs are being re-done right now, while still others that are new are likely in the works.

    This board has been quiet lately; the usual pplz have just been busy, myself included, I guess.

    Any questions, just ask. There are tons of ppl on here who would like to help you.

    I'd suggest reading the posts on this forum. Old  ones, too.

    I didn't ever really watch any videos, but the ones you find should still have useful info, even if old.

    There's also the manuals on this site,  and a tutorial and the FAQ.

    Any questions, just post them here. :)
  • hello deee
    i read your entries too much on this board :D its good to see you again (and writing to my topic also)

    i would like to watch videos and reading articles (bcoz i want to improve my English)
    but sometimes i feel bad,
    when reading something about GSA SER, and realised that the article published on 2014 :(

    and than, i feel bad, and ask myself where is the party? why they did not called me too :D
    they all busted by algorithm?

    so, i feel bad
  • DeeeeeeeeDeeeeeeee the Americas
    Don't feel bad. :)  I missed the party, too! lol

    I remember when I first purchased my license for GSA-SER last year.

    Of course, I was hesitant, b/c I had read *ALL* kinds of messages on other boards. Could GSA REALLY get links 24/7?

    It seemed too good to be true. But a year later, I can tell you, this software does what it claims. It can scrape for targets or use imported lists. It can post and create backlinks. And if you have a platform it doesn't post to, you can create new .ini files.

    I have yet to make a working one, I've only looked over a few existing .ini files, but Sven made it easy using a simple scripting language.

    Third-party pplz authored SEREngies to post to some additional web2.0s that update frequently, as well as an email harvester. I subscribe to this add-on.

    There's also another  socialSER add-on by some d00d, which increases SER's range even more. This I do not use. Social stuff is very interactive, but even so, these engines would supplement manual social networking efforts. I know no one who uses this, but the point is SER can be used for a LOT of applications, if you study and learn it well.

    It did seem that the past was really when GSA was popular. I think nowadays, you can get penalized more easily, but that's with or without GSA.

    An algorithm can detect patterns. Newer AI is more adaptive.

    But in the end, if you don't misuse SER, and put the time in to create GREAT projects with good articles and set everything up right, and keep it as a healthy part of your balanced SEO strategy, you'll be ahead.
  • shaunshaun
    I have published a bunch of content here based on SER that may help you out.
  • DeeeeeeeeDeeeeeeee the Americas
    Hey, @Shaun, good to see you again on Sven's board. :)

    I'll definitely check out the link, as I've always found your SEO contributions to be well-researched and interesting...most of all, useful and relevant.

    Please keep up the SEO publishing!  :)

    Keeping this board going crazily is also important. I know that message boards ebb and flow in volume of posts, but surely GSA's board is unique among SEO discussion sites.

    Maybe some don't bother checking out these posts? Surely, their loss...lots & lots to learn from seasoned pplz...
  • @shaun
    i want to be honest with u. U have publised some good contents yet ur site colors and images so irretating and bad . It like says fk off visitor . And the colors only two and they make me feel dehydrated and nausea.

    so change the them and use regular seo icons and image and use at least 6 colors then u will increase ur visiitors tons of times and i will be the a subscriber to read all new info. Well if they are new for me then yeah they are good info
  • lol :D
  • his website's colours are good man :)
  • U need to learn @Lazmana
    check this article abour website colors scheme

    Then lol all u want , but firstly learn
    color picking is a first and importent step in site building
  • ty :D
    you dont know why i laughed,
    shaun pick his own color for his website
    yellow is the characteristic color of him. (and me too)
  • DeeeeeeeeDeeeeeeee the Americas
    edited May 2018
    " And the colors only two and they make me feel dehydrated and nausea." Mashafeeqi

    r u sure it wasn't food poisoning? :| Be careful with the seafood...

    ill check out the link...

    I think pplz fave colors reveal something abt them.
  • @Deeeeeeee

    lol, anyway we went way off topic,
  • shaunshaun

    Cheers dude :).


    Cheers dude :).


    I like the colors and the art on it. In the two to three years the blog has been online I think you are the only person to mention they don't like it. I quickly checked that canva post and it looks like they are actual websites, not personal blogs anyway.
  • DeeeeeeeeDeeeeeeee the Americas
    edited June 2018
    @shaun What's going on, shaun? :)

    Long time, no see. :):)

    "I like the colors and the art on it. In the two to three years the blog has been online I think you are the only person to mention they don't like it."

    I like it also. It's definitely unique and your own personal style and seems to suit you. :)

    Shaun, if you do decide to update (as we all do at some point), don't go overboard and get rid of your style!!!  :o  

    I'd say keep your unique "theme" in that case, just keep going with it, styling the details of it further, tweaking/altering the finer aspects of your site's appearance to match your design sense.

    As someone told me recently, sincere words I appreciate deeply:

    "No, you just do you!"  (Slang..meaning, just do your own thing, what comes best to all od us! Be your SELF! Don't try to accommodate [me/her/them/him/etc.] b/c your best work will be that which is you just doing your best, focused and in the flow.)
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