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Reason for not wanting to release a 64bit version of GSA SER

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I been using GSA SER for about 2 months now and have about 30 projects running.
I also use Kontent Solution which allows me to export up to 50 GSA SER data files which i can then import into GSA SER.

Unfortunately the Kontent Solution files could be huge especially if it was build on 3 keywords == This obviously mean it needs quite a bit of memory to load those projects --  as such i am unable to start all projects at the same time as i will get Out of memory message, since GSA SER only use i think 3GB RAM at most since it is based on 32bit.

So in order for me to expand my business and add more projects to GSA SER i would need to buy several copies of it and run it on different machine. This is going to work out a little costly, since i would then also need several copies of CB ( Unless i have all machines in the same network and use CB as webserver in my LAN --- I think).

All of the above about extra machines, extra copies of GSA SER could be avoided if the program had a 64bit version, because then i can make full use of the available 32 GB Ram on my 64bit machine - by having only 1 GSA SER copy running with 100's of projects.

 I have seen all of @sven's arguments about he prefer to have an optimized 32bit code and there is no need for 64bit ---blah blah blah

I am now however wondering if @sven's reluctance to release a 64bit version is not financially based, because if there is a 64bit version then power users would not need to buy so many copies of the 32bit version -- as such he make more money by not releasing a 64bit version.

If the above is the case then it really sucks. I believe GSA SER has come a long way and it has many other products plugging into it like Kontent Machine and WAC and some others, this is resulting in bigger projects which needs more RAM and being stuck with 3GB is causing a bad experience for many power users.

I for one would be willing to pay more to get a 64bit version, be it a upgrade fee or having to buy the new 64bit version at double the price.

Not trying to stir up a fight with Sven, but thought i will voice ( type )  my thoughts on this



  • Not gonna lie.  I would love to take full advantage of my servers.  I can only load them up so much before I overload SER and am only using 20% of my server(s).  I also am in the same boat I can only run so many projects at once before it has hit the 2-3 limit. 

    Either way though.  I'm fine with whatever Sven decides to do. :)
  • SvenSven
    I said what I had to say about this 64bit in another thread. No need to discuss this again.
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    So it must be to make more money then, forcing us to buy several copies of the same thing.....
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    I am not saying the case is he is trying to get more money, but even if he is, so what?

    The program is already incredibly cheap for what it does, would say almost to cheap. If you want to run tons of campaigns, why not buy another version to help support the developer, since most others would have had a monthly fee on this.

    Most Desktop software in the SEO world is limited to 32-Bit, reason being for some applications switching to 64-Bit could require a major code rewrite.
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    I dont have a problem with the price and if have to i will buy another copy if i have to.
    But it would make life so much easier if i had a 64 bit as it will allow me to import bigger project files ( like 50 Kontent solution GSA exported data files) , allowing more randomness and higher degree of uniqueness, than just adding 5 articles manually and expecting the project to run for months

    If i had a 64 bit version i wont get the annoying Out of memory message x 100 times when i start GSA SER or when i want to edit a large project.

    So for me a 64bit would be a matter of convenience and smoother work flow as things will just work without annoying out of memory.

    I do not know about the work involed in producing a 64 bit version, but i read in the other thread that @sven mentions that it is not that big a issue redoing the code.
    And since there is a demand for it and people are willing to pay why not outsource help to get it done.

    Hoping one day to have a 64 bit - in the meantime i will save up for another 32 bit copy.

  • SvenSven
    @royalmice it's not about money! Stop spreading that rumors. Did you even read my other statement about 64bit? Stop playing games with me. This trolling is not getting you anywhere...all it makes me do it avoiding any 64bit requests now. After all Im still the coder and not you! So stop telliny me what I have to do and what I should not.
  • Hi, Im not a Sven friend. Sometimes I argue with him (like we talk about external proxy file with NO answer and few month later it was done - thanks), but Im also programmer and post like this give me a headache.

    Argument for sell more licenses keeping only 32 is so dumb as I dont know how to comment this. Its not easier keep only 32b and go higher with price to get more money? As we all know this soft is under priced like hell. Its should cost 497 or more comparing to another tolls on market. Sven can ask for monthly, yearly payments for updates to get cash from market. He do great job, give extra support and you folks post about him like about thief as you have to buy extra license in extremely low price. Please take a deep breath and think twice what you get here before post comments in this mood. I think you are just spoiled by Sven. 

    BTW to release 64b you need a lot of changes in source and security + packers. Then you need to develop two programs (32/64), and with daily updates what this will do for all of us? Half of updates, as work has to by done twice, and more over bugs will double also. So think a little from developer perspective before post next topics about 64 version.
  • @Eline +1 really agree with you :)
  • I suggest trying to decrease the size of your files by putting your content on a web server and using #file[]. Even better would a PHP script that unspins it first so GSA doesn't have to grab the whole text each time.
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    I also use around 30 projects on a good vps and all works fine.. if Kontent Solution give you pain, why not complain to them??

    You dont even know for sure how "great" a 64bit version would work, and then be the first one to complain about bugs and ranting about the developer. This software is hugely underpriced for the function and updates. NEWSFLASH !! Its a ONE TIME payment ! If you dont make enough bank to buy another license of SER and CB to run more projects maybe you gotta change your niche or go back to reading
  • I'm totally fine with buying as many copies of SER as I can.   In the 5 years I've been in the SEO industry  this program alone has made me more money than I've ever made in my life doing this. 

    @sven you are doing a great job with this program.  It's the best one I've ever used.  about the only thing I'm afraid of with SER and G.  Is that they will start to find the footprints and start to devaule links.  but I'm hoping that's a bit down the road before that happens.
  • Agree with Hunar actually there should be a Sven / GSA tribute thread. Cheers Sven - for support and a fantastic program.

    Tip: Increase the fee to $499 we don't need any more users :D
  • ronron
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    I don't think some people here understand the work it would take to not only rewrite the software to 64 bit, but to support two different platforms. Do you think @sven has the resources of Microsoft and Kaspersky Labs?

    When the leading software developers decide that they will no longer support 32 bit, then that is when the entire industry will migrate to 64 bit. Then every user on a 32 bit computer will be forced to upgrade.

    We're just not there yet.  

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    I've a dedicate server with windows 2008 server r2. But sometimes SER freeze. Is it better to use 2 or more SER licences, like @LeeG screencopy I ve seen should use ? Or use windows 7 ? My SER use 1GB memory, how increase it ?
  • LeeGLeeG Eating your first bourne

    I dont run more than one copy at a time. You cant. Just to clear up what people see in my screen shots

    Im lazy as hell.

    I pin shortcut links to copies of ser on the tool bar

    Its just quick access to the version. Rather than waste time clicking here there and every where

    Left to right in any screen shot, Present copy, old copy and trusty copy

    If for some reason there is a problem with a release, I just stop the version running and click on one of the short cuts thats pinned to the tool bar

    You cant run more than one copy of ser on a computer

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    If i run more than one copy SER on my computer, does it mean each copy will be able to use 3 GB ram
    Also do you or or would it be possible to share the sitelist files?

    So what i am getting at is instead of running 1 copy of SER on my machine with 10 project each with 4 tiers, i would then rather run 10 instances of SER on 1 machine, each with one project and 4 tiers and sharing the site-list files.

    That would be a work around for the 3gb ram restriction.

    Is the above idea workable ? considering i have a really powerful machine with plenty of resources and bandwidth

  • LeeGLeeG Eating your first bourne

    You can not run more than one copy of ser on your computer

    Im sure Sven will confirm that

    All you see on my task bar is pinned short cuts to the exe's in the ser folder

    Only ever one copy running

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    Ah ok, i get it, I misunderstood you post, i thought u run multiple versions at the same time.

    Darn, i almost got excited.
  • LeeGLeeG Eating your first bourne

    No, someone once said that and its taken a lot of time to try and stop that being spread about

    Its just for speed

    If a new release causes problems, like recently with the memory problems.

    I can stop it running

    Then just click on an older release shortcut

  • it may be really hard for him to make 64 bit since he is not using decent framework such as .net
  • SvenSven

    "decent framework as .net"....I haven't read such ridiculous thing for a long time. Next time someone says java is a good language to code in because it is platform independent. IT IS NOT! And .net is the worth thing ever. To get a .net program to run, you have to install many MBs of useless libs before it even starts. And as soon as MS updates it you have to dl the whole thing again. It's crap, and stop bagging for 64bit, I will not release it.

  • edited May 2013
    @sven wow you call .net as a crap while it provides you single click of 64 bit application :) good going

    also i really donate care about 64 bit. right now i am not even able to use 32 bit properly. as long as 32 bit works properly it is sufficient for me
  • Sven should spend NO more time responding to such thread. It's wasting a lot of his time already.

    Glad I stumble on this thread. I recall reading someone saying about running SER on 64GB RAM, yielding 75k verified links per month. Obviously it doesn't matter, 60GB of the memory is wasted, unless he's running something else on that server.

    I will be migrating to a dedi from VPS soon. For SER, I'll be using 8GB server. That should be more than enough. Although I could use more CPU power, I guess 4 core is already better than my 1 CPU VPS.

    A bit out of topic, but kind of related in one way :)
  • LeeGLeeG Eating your first bourne

    65k a month :O




  • @LeeG With a VPS?  :ar!
  • LeeGLeeG Eating your first bourne

    4 core cpu, 6 gig of ram, 100 mbt connection, 60 gig hard drive

    US based vps and European proxies

    Running 230 threads and the only captcha system used is GSA CB

    As the saying goes with all the willy waving about machine spec on here, its not what you have, its how you use it

  • OK Guys. This is purely in Sven's defence. The program is written in Delphi - the same language as Scrapebox and XRumer. These are the MOST robust programs available for SEO - they run 24 hours non-stop. .NET is not a truly compiled language and has some compromises with how it handles memory - albeit it's easier to produce a 64 bit version. Delphi is a native code producer - in most cases - meaning faster code execution. This is especially true for text handling (strings) - critical for the work SER does. There is a 64 bit version of Delphi - but the compiler is not as fast as the 32 bit version for a lot of things. Sven knows this and has chosen exactly the best option between speed and memory handling. End of story.
  • DoonDoon Netherlands
    @sven  No i will not bother you with make 64bit GSA, your GSA is a piece of art, im just wondering, is it possible to run several licenses of GSA on the same dedicated windows? like more windows having openedwith GSA SER with different licenses ?
  • Tim89Tim89
    @Doon you cannot use multiple licenses on 1 dedicated OS, you would need to either split this dedicated server into 2-3 VPS terminals and then have each license installed on each terminal or you would need separate dedicated machines.

    Some people prefer to rent a beastly dedicated machine and then split (the resources) this up into 2 or 3 VPS machines in order to run 2-3 licenses of SER, this can be more cost effective rather than actually purchasing 2-3 VPS machines directly and you should save $30 or so a month in renting fees but bare in mind, if you do this, you'll need to purchase additional IPs and some knowledge is required in order to set everything up.
  • DoonDoon Netherlands
    oke so that... or a 64 bit version of GSA 


    this is @sven currently behind his computer seat...
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