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Any one having or had this same problem?


I'd like to know if anyone can help with this or is having the same issue.

I had a server where GSA and captcha breaker was running perfectly fine. Then the server had to be replace due to the drives by the company. It was the same model server, but now captcha breaker is freezing and GSA is running at very low threads between 59 dropping to 10.

Any one know why?

Thank you


  • Tim89Tim89
    Did you backup your lists? My SER installs are doing the same thing (not the freezing) but I'm processing a fresh scraped list, 200 threads and SER is crawling through 500,000 targets at 10-15 threads with and without proxies, something is bottle-necking but I don't know why at the moment.
  • I use a list service through dropbox
  • rocket123rocket123 New York
    I am having a similar issue after backing up and restoring settings. I sent the bug report to support@ using my name Scott Axxxx
  • Did you do a fullbackup of your GSA before they replaced your server? I think if the LPM is low, it could be either that your settings are no longer the same, or the new hard drive that they have provided - is a slow one.

    There is a huge difference between rotational type of hard drive and SSD. SSD is so superior that it makes a lot of tasks run faster (some up to 10x faster), and your server operate at better efficiency in the process. Thus, if they changed the hard drive - maybe they gave you a slow one?
  • beastmodebeastmode NYC
    edited August 2018
    I have an SD200 from Solid SEO VPS
    I just redownloaded everything, also I just use 10 automated proxies cause they never die so I figured that would be enough if they just regenerate 
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