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Massive N00b Questions! - KW numbers too big / Tier system

edited February 2013 in Need Help
Ok, don't judge me, big time newbie over here.. just getting back into the game.. I've read pretty much this entire forum and I'm quite familiar now with GSA..

I have two questions that I just can't get my head around and I'm sure one of you can answer them for me in a second:

1) Some of you have over 10k and sometimes 100k keywords per project, honestly, how targeted is this? I'm working in the beauty / cosmetic industry and I can't fathom the use for that many keywords? Wouldn't that be too spread out? Why are you using so many - especially if its a moneysite.

2)  My second question relates to the Tier system.. I understand the science behind it, but I just don't get how you to use GSA for it? 
For example, with Tier 1. Lets say I post 10 well written articles manually.
Would I then use GSA to backlink to these articles (is this tier 2?), if yes, what do I backlink? Do I send articles to those articles?
And then what the hell happens with Tier 3?  

If there was someone that could slowly and simply explain to me these two points, I would highly appreciate it!


  • 1) 100k keywords is more or less an attempt to search for every possible platform we can post to. keyword related platforms are mostly just "blog comments". with "social networks" for example you create your own page so it doesn't needs to be keyword related. just think about all those Web20s like tumblr. those aren't keyword related at all

    2) read this guide to get a deeper understanding. you must have missed that by all 2300 discussions you have read so far ;)
  • Haha thanks Ozz.. been following up on a lot of your comments too, thanks for being so informative every time!
  • ronron

    Hey @Ozz...

    I have come to the conclusion that you don't need niche specific keywords for the 'article type' platforms we use for Tier1. As you said, articles, web2.0, social network has nothing to do with niche specific keywords.

    I would say if you built a separate project for blog comments pointing to your moneysite, that is a great example of when to use a niche specific keyword list. Of course you wouldn't want many of these type of links. 

    But other than blogs, what else could really be that niche specific? Maybe a forum profile on a dog training forum??

    I have gotten to the point where I do not believe a niche specific keyword list really helps. If anything, you want a big non-specific list to find as many websites as possible.

    @Ozz, what do you think?   

  • OzzOzz
    edited February 2013
    yes, nothing to add. thats what i'm thinking, too. i think the best way is to have different keyword lists for each project. if the keywords for T1 are somewhat niche related than thats fine, too, but the terms should be broader to avoid duplications.

    for some projects i've mixed some keywords with the biggest cities for example and don't use them in quotes.
    e.g. "New York Dogs", "Los Angeles Dogs" (without qoutes), etc.
    for articles/SN types you can use something like first or last names along with the footprint, because of the author box. SER has a list of names included so those could be used for the starters.
    those are broad keywords but specific enough to find some more targets.

    the 100k wordlist that is used by many should be splitted to some projects though as it doesn't make sense to me to use the same list for every project, when those projects are posting to the same engines.
  • ronron
    Thanks, that's what I was thinking.
  • So are you guys saying even on Tier 1, there's no need to be specific?

    How about the actual 'content' in Tier 1, shouldn't that be quite specific to your moneysite, business, end goal..

    Also @Ozz, going to sound newish again.. but just so I get the picture,

    if i'm creating Tier 1 on GSA, just as an example, should I be limiting this to say 10 verified links per week.
    Then once they're verified create Tier 2, say again, 10 verified links to each Tier 1 link.
    and then once that's all verified, Create 100 Tier 3 links for Tier 2.
    So according to my example I should have (considering everything was verified):

    Tier 1 - 10links
    Tier 2- 100links
    Tier 3 - 10,000links


    Another question, do you guys almost always use the Tiered system? Is that just something I've missed the past 3years that I've been absent? :-O
  • Oh, one more silly question..

    lets say my 'moneysite' is

    so I create a tier 1 article at "" linking it to

    then would my tier 2 links then point to " 

    I know, it sounds obvious, but i just wanted to clarify it..
  • ronron

    Your content should be relevant on all projects underneath a moneysite.

    And yes to all your other questions, that is correct.

    The # of links you build is completely up to you. You should experiment with different sites to see what works best. Smaller is better, and build up from there.

  • Thanks Ron.

    BTW, what are your thoughts about Matthew Woodward's 5 part Tier Building video? Is it just me, or are some of his methods on the video made a lot easier with GSA.. almost as though you can bypass 1/2 of video 2..

    just a thought..

  • AlexRAlexR Cape Town
    @Ron - can you confirm my understanding here:

    1) Seperate project for blog and image comments. Use a list of niche related keywords.
    2) ALL other platforms - 
    a) Disable always use keywords
    b) Import a list of keywords that are popular and use those. Like the top 1000 searched terms.
  • ronron
    I don't really build blog comments to my money site, but if I did I would do it that way. I really don't think image comments belong on a T1, but that's just me. I always use big lists for T2+ and disable use keywords in those tiers.
  • "100k keywords is more or less an attempt to search for every possible platform we can post to"

    sorry for the newbie question...

    wouldn't we achieve the same result if we enabled both

    [check] "collect keywords from target site"
    [check] "use collected keywords to find new target sites"

    and started with keyword lists of 1,000?
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