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Captcha Breaker - No Stats

edited February 2013 in Need Help

I am running CB with GSA. GSA is showing that I have submitted 64 since I started a few minutes ago, however CB does not show any stats any more. There is nothing going on in the live window. You used to be able to see the images appear and it would tell you that x numbers of captures have been solved, but I have nothing. Not sure if it something to do with an update. I have this running on 2 machines and it is the same for both of them?


  • OzzOzz
    edited February 2013
    mine is running fine.

    please restart your server and double check your SER options. 
    -> options -> captcha -> service to use
    -> project options -> options -> "ask all services" (or just the 1st one)

    maybe the restart helps or you changed something in your SER options so no captchas are sent to CB?? also make sure that in CB option 'run as webserver' is unchecked.
  • Thanks Ozz, Just found another thread and started both as administrator and now it is working
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