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Cant Find :: Screen for Defining the ranges for %nr%

edited September 2012 in GSA Email Spider
i looked everywhere.. i feel like an idiot. thanks



  • nevermind.. it ONLY shows up AFTER you start the crawl.. not so intuitive.
  • What do you mean with %nr% and what does it do?

    I've never heard of it by now so I'm curious to know what this is :)
  • its very powerful.. it allows you to crawl dynamic urls like :

    You can use a special variable here in the URL field. When entering %nr% inside of the
    URL you will be able to define a range of values on how to replace it.

    If you enter e.g., then the program will replace
    %nr% with numbers that you define. It will add then multiple URLs to parse. Same for the
    place holder %string%.
  • And where do you use this? With "search online for URLs"?
    Sounds intersting and I didn't know that.
  • Ouch, sorry. Just saw that you use the "Email Spider", lol.

    Thats a bit confusing sometimes :D
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