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How To Configure GSA Search Engine Ranker targeted keywords and website

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I have 2 websites with 10 keywords. I want google top rank for both websites with my all 10 keywords. But i am very confuse that How To Configure GSA Search Engine Ranker . And is it possible ?



  • SvenSven

    Hmm maybe your nick is not really a good choice if you ask such questions ;)

    Please watch the tutorial videos and read some of the threads here.

  • OzzOzz
    edited February 2013
    as a little sidenote regarding 'usernames' as the question of OP is already answered. 

    one day i got a PM by someone called 'IMseo' or something like this and he asked if i can provide Web20s.
    i said to him "which Web20 do you mean exactly and i'll give it a look". his answer was "All of them!".


    ps: sorry @ OP. this sidenote has nothing to do with you in personal. i just wanted to share this "scrape my head" story regarding usernames :)
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