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  • @humancoder
    one project same email senuke tng add and verify email

    i look 10.000 verify  email :S
  • korsan its not verified email, its Global Link list, open project setting and you will find the option "Usage URLs from global site list if enabled" and check on all checkbox except failed. see here

  • thank you i trying
  • edited February 2018
    @humancoder @Sven

    I've been following the program for a week. I think there is a problem but it is not me. I created a new project yesterday.
    project detail:
    Article (full engine check)
    Directory (full engine check)
    Forum (full engine check)
    Microblog (full engine check)
    Social Bookmark (full engine check)
    Social Network (full engine check)
    Web 2.0 (full engine check)
    Wiki (full engine check)

    Not use global list 
    Gsa ranker search list + Full search engine select
    50 Private Proxy and gsa ranker public proxy
    Content create : Seo Content Machine
    Mail : 1 mail yandex , phone verify and spambox off

    12 hours work = Total : 95 Verify link

    This figure is very funny. 

  • you know better than everyone else and nobody can help you here.

  • edited February 2018
    in fact I give it the importance. 
    I used this program very long ago. 
    I took a year off and never used it. 
    I was disappointed. 
    because article, social network, forum, etc very bad, 
    only blog comment, indexer etc good

  • I used it before. Within an hour, 1 porject 5000-6000 article links create now, 3 day 12 project total 500 article link. tier 1 very bad
  • 25k captcha(deadbycaptcha=34,75$) is over. only 500 article link

  • you usage country filter, language filter and may be other filter as well. scraping new target list and 500 article is very good number. 
  • you get less link because of your setting and too expertise. its nothing to do with GSA SER
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