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Hi, i working 3 day - 10 project only articles engine all checked
there are very few links. why  ?


  • DeeeeeeeeDeeeeeeee the Americas
    How many links do you want to start within, within a given time frame?

    Your submitted:verified ratio ranged, but is generally good.

    Are you using a purchased/scraped target list?
    Is SER scraping as it works?

    If it's the second, depending on KWs, and engines, it will be slower. And, contextuals link opportunities are less common, it seems.

    Hope this helps....

  • SvenSven
    do you use proxies? I see in log 000/000 with search requests...not a good sign.
  • - i not scheduled posting
    - I have a verified list.
    - i traying verify list
    - SER scraping - yes

    example: scrapebox k2 33.000 scraped and add gsa ranker identify 22.000 

    but the link is not being created. submit 5000 but not create link
  • DeeeeeeeeDeeeeeeee the Americas
    @Sven, what would that mean?
  • edited February 2018
    sven yes proxy - only submit - 3 day work projects
  • SvenSven
    hmm port 80 test on big ... where you got them from?
  • SvenSven
    ok so if you are sure the proxies are fine then I have no clue...can you test them against google anyway?
  • 50 poryx tested 23 google passed
  • normaly work i use publicgoogle search, submit only private proxy
  • SvenSven
    ok 23 proxies are good as about the captcha setup?
  • gsa captcha braker and dead by captcha. ask captcha sites skiped
  • SvenSven
    sounds good as well...really hard to say whats wrong on the setup. can you post a bit more logs ( with copy all from log window).
  • edited February 2018
    I opened it at this hour 6:35 pm 10 project - total link : 112 verify link
    it is now 11:19 PM total verify link : 146
  • It's been about 4 hours. There are 34 verified links in total

  • DeeeeeeeeDeeeeeeee the Americas
    edited February 2018
    @Sven: I looked at the log.  I def need to learn more about the GSA-SER logging.

    What does: 12:33:18: [-] 06/46 unwanted captcha found (recaptcha_response_field)
                      12:33:18: [-] 76/80 unwanted captcha found (g-recaptcha-response)

  • SvenSven
    it means that he checked the option to not solve hard captchas, so SER skips the recaptcha sites.
    Thanked by 1Deeeeeeee
  • Only Ask captcha skip
  • SvenSven
    you mean you skip all captchas?
  • my project settings
  • korsan Do you use some macro in project?
  • @humancoder i dont use macro
  • gsa ranker Working 24 hours 12 project verify link only 282 :(
  • also the test I made 4 days ago. 
    - scrapebox scraped only k2 blog
    - 60.000 site scrape
    - gsa ranker add identify
    - 33.200 idetify site
    - Only 1 project backlink booster
    - Captcha only Deadbycaptcha
    - All list complate 24 hours

    Only verify link : 103 
  • korsan As you have a verified list, you can try to import them manually
    Right Click on Project Name >> Import Target URLs >> From file or from site list.
    I hope that will work...

    i think, In project setting, you have very few keyword, you have to give a good list of keyword to get target urls. also you can enable more search search engine.

    Site note : If you use language English only filter, its may no need to use country filter. however, its depend on your requirement.
  • In your project setting, you want to enable Submitted and Verified list. To do that enable "Usage URLs from global site list if enabled" and click Submitted and verified checkbox.
  • thank you @humancoder

    i traying " Right Click on Project Name >> Import Target URLs >> From file or from site list. " 

    my keywords list " google adwors keyword tool " and 600 keyword

  • korsan Your project setting is wrong because you disabled submitted and verified list, fix according to my 2nd reply.

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