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Pause the project after...settings

davbeldavbel UK
edited February 2013 in Need Help
Can someone please explain exactly how this feature should work as I'm getting different results which I don't understand why...

My understanding of it is that if I set it to 100 submissions for x time, then that project should stop posting after it's created 100ish submissions, which is what happens with some of my projects.

However, other projects just seem to ignore the value and keep posting e.g. I had one tier 1 today which is set to pause for 1440 mins after 100 subs, but this morning it started at about 200 subs and when I next checked it had hit 1020.

I've checked all the settings and all of my tier 1 campaigns are set the same, so I don't understand why some pause and others seem to go mental..

Am I missing something?


  • you need to change "1440 minutes" to "reached a day".
  • Cheers Ozz.

    Tried that and it seemed to fix some campaigns, but the one I mentioned in the op went from 1020 to 1953 submissions before it paused.

    As it's a tier 1 I'm guessing that page/site is pretty much done for...
  • ronron

    Yeah @davbel you are not alone, and the truth is what @Ozz said.

    It was one of the first lessons I learned. You have to set it to x submissions per day, and estimate if you throw x submissions at a page per day, then it will yield y verifications per day.



  • Thanks @ron

    What % of verified do you aim for?  Does it make a difference if you use the global sites list?

  • ronron

    I don't use the site lists yet - saving it for when I really might need it.

    I use 20% as a number to guess (verified/submissions)%. It works pretty well.

  • well it does not work, i start with 300 subs and set the counter to 1000 in a day and it does not stop at 1300 ! maybe the running counter in the project window is actually not what the program counts as 'submitted' ??.. its so discouraging, and flooding money site with too many links.

    Verifications per day somewhat seems to work but submissions per day not
  • I've had the exact same issues again.

    Have changed all the projects to use the settings that @Ozz suggested and some (2 of 18) paused as they should with the correct amount of submissions where as the others have done the following:

    Start 501, set to stop at 100, manually paused at 645
    Start 787, set to stop at 50, manually paused at 1014
    Start 135, set to stop at 100, manually paused at 442
    Start 203, set to stop at 100, manually paused at 449
    Start 1958, set to stop at 50, manually paused at 2072

    Slightly frustrated as all these are tier 1 links to money sites :-(

    Not sure if this could be the cause, but after reading the LPM thread, I changed the "when to verify" to be "custom time" and 1440 minutes.

    I'm also having the same issues with Tier 2 and 3 projects, but not as worried about these.
  • @davbel where you see these numbers ? in project window or log window ?

    because if it's in project windows in the submitted column, these numbers count all actions on a site (login, registration...),

    the real counter is in log window (74/100 in this example) :

    22:55:16: [+] 098/348 submission successful (74/100 submitted - AVG: 576.92/h) - http://s
  • @sawa73 in the project window, which might explain some of the numbers, but not all.

    I can understand a project with 100 subs getting 300 or 400, but not 1000 more than it was.
  • Let me know if setting to 1440 instead of 'for a day' makes a difference for you
  • @squirrelhunter - I have the same issue which ever wayI set it.
  • I brought this up in another thread. I have around 40 projects running to money site. Most of them are submitting the right amount of links. But then there are a few rogue projects that just seemed to ignore the settings and just carry on submitting. They all have the same settings 15 submissions +/- 5 submissions reached in a day.
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