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My test results

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Hi guys, 

I've been lurking here and decided it would be a good idea to share my progress with GSA. If this isn't the right venue to share this please let me know. 

My setup: I'm running a macbook pro with XP running in a VM
Tools: GSA Ranker, Captcha Breaker, Auto Content Writer, TBS, 10 semi-private proxies

Background: I have some experience with using previous tools such as SENukeX and BMD

My plan: Unfortunately, I've never been very scheduled or strict as to my planning an actual strategy. I have spent the past 3 weeks reading everything that I can here along with a few other forums. I've watched the videos and read as much as I could before diving in. I have mapped out my tiered link stragegy. For the articles that GSA will be posting, I have written a few 500 word articles, which I have then super spun (In TBS, I have manually re-written each sentence 2x, and then spun text variations of this - it is very unique). 

I plan on testing 2 different strategies for 2 different sites I own. 1) Using GSA direct to the money site for site #1 and 2) Using GSA to target 5 separate Web 2.0 sites that I created which link to my money site for site #2. On each Web 2.0 site I have 3-4 unique content articles which then link to the moneysite. 

Strategy 1: Directly targeting a moneysite - 1.5yr old domain. No previous SEO or backlinking. Site has been up for 1.5 years with no changes made to it since then. 

Strategy 2: Linking to (5) Web2.0 sites - I have created these sites over the past 2 weeks. The moneysite in this strategy is about 5 months old with no previous SEO or backlinking.

In GSA I have set up a separate profile for each strategy. For instance, each Web 2.0 site that I am targeting is set up in a separate profile. 

I have been running GSA every day for about 2 hours/day for the past 7 days in both strategies. I have started seeing up and down movement on Google over the past 48 hours. Bing and Yahoo movement has picked up over the past 24 hours. The movement has not been significant, and in some cases the movement has dropped 30 spots. I am continuing to build links during this process. 

Once again, I started using GSA approximately 6 days ago (2/16). Here is some of the serp movement at the actual moneysite in Strategy 2. Remember, I'm only targeting the Web2.0 sites that I created, which then link to the moneysite.



I will share my GSA setup & settings with you hopefully tomorrow if time permits. Looking forward to your thoughts!


  • I should add that I am currently pausing each project after 8 verifications +/- 2 for 1440 minutes. Initially I had this setting at about 25 and I scaled it back over the past 3 days. 
  • AlexRAlexR Cape Town
    What tool are you using to track rankings?
  • I'm using Serpbook
  • how many posts in your site and whats the competition of the keywords?
  • thats 8 verified spun article submissions?

    do a re-check in 4 weeks. 30-50% are gone then :-(
  • Here's some screenshots of my setup for strategy #2. 

    dylan09: the keywords i'm trying to rank for have about 1300-4400 monthly searches and are fairly competitive

    thisisalex: I've attached screenshots below of my Tier1 & Tier2. 

    Update: Suprisingly, my Strategy #1, which was using GSA directly to the moneysite, might be making a little progress. The keywords I'm trying to target for have not ranked on Google in some time. This morning I'm showing position #240 on google for one of them.

    I welcome your questions and suggestions!


  • 8 thats insane.. you wont build ANY links that way....... 90% of blog comments die after 8 weeks....... and a PR filter for secondary links just blasts your proxy or IP to google nirvana.........

    and why use articles for Tier 2???
  • Thanks thisisalex - do you think I should up it to 20 instead of 8?

    I'll disable the PR filter for secondary

    The articles for Tier 2 was overlooked when I copied that particular profile. I disabled it now. 

    Thanks for the advice!
  • Update - links are getting better on Google as of today for Strategy 2. Bing & Yahoo remain unchanged:
  • @shaw - Thanks for sharing your project details. Always good to some real world examples.I have a couple of questions and suggestions:

    1. Why are you running the projects 2 hours per day and also setting dripfeed settings, AKA "Pause Project settings"?
    2. Is your plan to build a lot of links in Project 1? Because those settings of "Pause project after 8 verifications for 1440 minutes" combined with "Verify links every 3000 minutes" will create a lot of links. Basically, I don't think you would ever hit your pause criteria. I would suggest changing it to something like 30 submissions instead of 8 verifications.

    Keep us posted on your progress.
  • Hi scp,

    Yes I have revised my strategy slightly over the past 36 hours after considering how little links would actually be made in 2 hours.

    1) I was only running when I had the time to watch it, but now I'm running it overnight so it runs about 7 hours a day. 
    2) I actually switched my settings for Project 1 to 20 verifications +/- 5 for 1440 minutes per URL. That might be overkill, but I'm curious and would like to test it. 

    I'm still trying to get a good grasp of if I should skip the verification totally and just focus on building links. What do you guys think?

    Here is a serp status for Strategy 1. This site has not indexed on Google before prior to this.

  • Now that you are running it overnight, how many verified links are you getting with the new 20 +/- 5 verifications? I'm curious how your getting verifications if they aren't set to check for 3000 minutes.
  • I now have verifications set automatically instead of 3000 minutes. I had about 400 verified links in the past 24 hours.
  • IMO - 400 links to money site a day is high. If its to tier 2 you should be good with that. It's more about link velocity.
  • Here is an update again - making some progress!

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    @shaw... is this Strategy 1 or 2 progress?
  • Sorry i didn't clarify - this was progess on Strategy 2. I'll post Strategy 1 ranking in a second
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    Interesting progress on Strategy 1 (targeting the money site directly). As you'll note, I'm including a second serp result that I came across. This is for the same targeted keyword, with the same exact domain name, but a different TLD that I own. Hosted on the same IP address. Obvious activity and this site hasn't been touched. This particular site has a totally separate layout and content.image

  • Interesting to read @shaw... thanks for sharing
  • Any update @shaw?

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