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internet provider cut of my internet because of ser

hi guys,
My inter provider cut of my internet because of ser dont know why i was not using proxies, what should i do next use public proxies will that help or should i get a vps stoppped using it for now awaiting your replys


  • redraysredrays Las Vegas
    It's also possible that you were using way too much bandwidth. Yes, just get a VPS.
  • DeeeeeeeeDeeeeeeee the Americas
    edited January 2018
    What's going on, Ted? I hope your ISP turns you back on soon.

    I don't think they care if you use proxies.

    But at this point, proxies won't help, either.

    Maybe you had too many threads running? Or, maybe they saw many outgoing connections and auto-flag this as an infected machine/IP?

    Now you have to get a VPS, or run GSA way lighter with only a few threads. I'd say be safe and leave the ISP alone for a while.
  • SvenSven
    Why would some ISP cut you off because of SER? Something else must have gone wrong like using too much bandwidth as @redrays wrote.

    But if it's really because of SER then please get us some details and the exact reason. Would be interesting to know what SER is doing so bad.
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  • DeeeeeeeeDeeeeeeee the Americas
    edited January 2018
    Even at 1000 threads, I would wonder how that might cause an issue...

    Why? Because streaming uses mega-bandwidth.  Overall, far less data is being transferred with SER, no? 

    tedbaker: Do you use that same ISP for streaming? What are your account limits? What did they actually tell you? Maybe start with the ISP and let them tell you what the issue is to solve this and proceed from there?

    I sincerely doubt they said, "It's GSA-SER!." lol  See what they say.
  • its back on they seem to think i have a virus and i am attacking their servers they told me to run a virus scan of my pc and they will be monitering my pc again. what they said i need to do a full security sweep on my pc what ever that means.

    when i was using an unfiltered list i was running it at 200 threads at 5000 links a hour but when i was using a full filtered list i was running it at 50 treads i did build 40.000 links in one hour with the full filtered list is that why 

    they said it it happens again they will cut off my internet again i will say this when ser is running sometimes some sites will ban from accessing them don't know why.
  • DeeeeeeeeDeeeeeeee the Americas
    Your machine may have malware that has nothing to do with GSA-SER, in that case.

    Backup vital stuff now, bro! OFF your HDs. Deal with this as though it's serious.
  • no malware or virus this is the first time they cut-off my internet intentionally. And i been with my isp for over 5 years.

    I just think ser is to good at what it does, gonna drop it down to 3-5 threads
  • it's for spam complain... just ask it...
  • DeeeeeeeeDeeeeeeee the Americas
    Did your IP show up on any spam lists? Without the proxies in use, YOUR OWN IP will be flagged all over the Internet on many lists.

    SO maybe what you said is true, proxies WOULD help.

    I'd say, either way, run antivirus and anti-malware, to start, as well as rootkit scans. Use multiple vendor products. What can you lose? And backup stuff. Why not?

    Even if there is no threat, it doesn't hurt.

  • redraysredrays Las Vegas
    edited January 2018
    SER uses a ton of bandwidth. Here's an example from bhw:

    It's not surprising that your ISP is suspicious about you using 20+ gb per day. I'm pretty sure your only options are to scale your use way back as you mentioned above or get a vps / dedicated server.

    edit: also found the following about streaming videos -

    "Netflix has 3 types of streaming qualities. This is what they say:

    Good: Will use up to 0.3GB/hour. This means that you need a minimal stable connection of at least 0.7Mbit/s.
    Better: Will use up to 0.7GB/hour. This means that you need a minimal stable connection of at least 1.6Mbit/s.
    Best: Will use up to 2.3GB/hour when streaming HD content. This means that you need a minimal stable connection of at least 5.3Mbit/s."
  • DeeeeeeeeDeeeeeeee the Americas
    redrays: thanks for the link. I never measured this...!

    In the same BHW post, a user states that you can right-click on LPM to see Downloads Per Minute (DPM).

    Found hover info before, was unaware of the right-click. Useful...
  • redraysredrays Las Vegas
    @Deeeeeeee - you're welcome. I'm not currently using SER, but if you are it would be helpful if you could post your numbers here.
  • DeeeeeeeeDeeeeeeee the Americas
    edited January 2018
    @redrays: OK...on that same BHW thread, I noticed a comment that stated that posting on spawwed auto-approve comments uses massive bandwidth DLing all the other comments!  Makes sense.

    Isn't there also a GSA-SER setting limiting the size of the page DL?

    As far as my own numbers, I usually keep the threads fairly low. And my LPM is never really high, right now from last run at only 19.83. :|

    Other users are in an exponentially more robust zone with incredible numbers from lists, pre-filtering, etc.  I am not using listings, either my own or purchased, yet. So GSA is doing a lot of extra work DLing, Im sure.

    If I scrape proxies, I adjust main GSA threads down. If I use GSA SEO Indexer, same.

    If I use public scraping proxies, more threads, though I also get more rejected IPs with this, so it ends up equaling out.

    I need a utility like NetLimiter to check actual bandwidth, no?
  • redraysredrays Las Vegas
    @Deeeeeeee - sure, you can take different measures to scale back the amount of bandwidth that you're using. Of course once you do that, you still have to worry about the fact that your activity still looks way different than 99.9% of other customers on your ISP and hope that doesn't get you flagged. Sounds like a lot of work to avoid paying a relatively small fee to do things properly with a VPS.
  • DeeeeeeeeDeeeeeeee the Americas
    redrays: "Of course once you do that, you still have to worry about the fact that your activity still looks way different than 99.9% of other customers on your ISP and hope that doesn't get you flagged."

    Definitely a totally different usage profile, absolutely true. Once I scale up, it's not really going to work...
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