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GSA SER without proxies

What happens if i run ser without proxies?

I mean if i submit and verify with my own ip (which id dynamic) and if i search and check PR with some public proxies? What will be the consequences of that?

And as a side question, i see a lot of good reviews for buyproxies - what the actual speed (mbps) of a dedicated proxy from buyproxies?

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    Yes, of course your proxies will land on a blacklist. A private proxy supplier kicked me out because I got too many complaints from SER. But there are other providers, like buyproxies, that don't give a damn about complaints. The only issue you'll face is sites that employ these blacklists to prevent you from commenting on them.

    For every site out there that is using a blacklist to prevent your proxy from posting to it, there are 1000 other sites that don't. With tools like this it's all about scale.


  • Your IP will be banned within a view minutes
  • By whom it will be banned and for what?
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    Your IP will land in all sorts of blacklists like spamhaus for comment/forum spam. A few hours later, you will either receive an email from your host (if using a VPS) or ISP (if running SER from home).



  • well, that's clear alright but won't the same thing happen if using proxies? i mean with 10 proxies and running 200 threads won't the proxies end up on blacklists? and if the proxies end up on a blist after minutes like @pauliep said, what's the point in buying dedicated proxies if you can only use them a few times?
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    ok, now everything is 100% clear! thanks @johnmiller !

    one more thing: i've been using services like hidemyass or cyberghost vpn in the past with stuff like senuke or magic submitter - they didn't turn out the same amount of links but still they did some - i used to change ip every 2 hours - would something like work ok if userd with ser? like changing ips every hour via a vpn that's tested and worked with other seo tools?
  • You really need at least 10 private proxies, just invest the $10- per month, public proxies and stuff you wanna do just isn't worth your time. You will never get the amount pf backlinks you need to make a real difference in your rankings.

    And even if you did you would have to invest so much time doing it, that in the end you would be better of to invest a lousy $10- then try to work around it.

  • yea, i mean, i didn't know which option to choose, coz with a vps you get lots of ips but like you said, it blacklists them and the vpn provider will probably suspend my account - with proxies, that won't happen. both are around $10-15 so price was not the issue, i just wanted to know which one is better, proxies or vpn.

    will go with proxies, private ones, as i tested semi private and they slow everything down...
  • Forget about vpns and just go with private proxies. If you have a good provider it should make no difference speed-wise whether they're shared or not. A really good provider will listen to your needs when giving you shared proxies, and have you sharing proxies with people who are not hammering them with seo tools and scraping like mad.

    Also, all the ips from hidemyass will already be on almost all blacklists possible, and I can't believe you would be able to scrape for more than a minute with this. Also when changing ip with hma, you'll be left right open for the world to see.
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