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Other proxy for searching and posting

edited February 2013 in Feature Requests
I would like to ask about the possibility of selecting other proxy for search and posting. Is this possible? It would be very helpful.


  • why it would be useful i'll ask myself anytime when i read a request for "different proxies for searching and posting"?

    if your proxies are good enough for searching than they are good enough for posting or do i miss something?

    if you want to use public proxies for searching than i suppose it will slow down your submission rate significally because most public proxies are banned for searching or die within minutes and slow like snails in general. i think you are better of when you change "using proxies for everything" to "posting only" and uncheck the box with the query time then.
  •  Open proxies for PR check, that's ok - but maybe time consuming.. And anyway... The High-PR is just
  • AlexRAlexR Cape Town
    It would be useful to have different proxies for a PR check. This is a quick way to get them temp banned. 

    I use a system of private proxies for posting, but in SB I use a system that has a single proxy which is a little slower, but it can handle 25 threads for PR checking. If it was the same 25 private proxies, you'd have 2 or 3 threads in order not to get banned, but because it allows 25 threads and each request always has a different proxies, I.e. there are 1000's of private proxies in the database, you can run it at 25 threads, so it always has a new proxy. This makes it about 12x faster than just having 25 normal private proxies for PR checks. 

  • I am interested in something like this because I use public proxies to scrape/check PR. I have private proxies that will post to sites.
  • LeeGLeeG Eating your first bourne

    So you want to use scraped proxies for pr checking which will be either dead or google banned when you want to use them?


    There must be a logic to this, but Im failing to see it


    The only other way would be to buy more proxies, which would cure the problem

  • When, specifically, are you having problems with proxies? Like @LeeG said, maybe just add more proxies (they are not that much).

    I am running 100 threads with 30 proxies, and use them for "Everything", and am not having any problem with proxy errors anywhere.
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