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Running first campaign: help with message interpreting needed

chilly_bangchilly_bang Berlin, Germany
edited November 2017 in Need Help
I've setup a first test project, imported proxies and run it without to submit and validate anything, just to get a look and feel, what GSA SER does and how. 

While GSA SER runs i get following messages, like on screenshot:

What mean numbers in the black boxes? Are this amount of pages with different certain footprints, where the submitting is potentially possible and could be done, if i move on? Or do they mean something other?



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  • SvenSven
    that first number is the current job the second the maximum amount of urls it had loaded from the last time (search engines, site list or whatever the source was).
  • chilly_bangchilly_bang Berlin, Germany
    edited November 2017
    Thank you for answer! Could you please guide me, where can i see urls, which SER selected for later submitting to?
    I mean, on the screenshot i see i general, SER selected 10 URL with footprint  "Powered by PJBlog3" for possible submitting - where i can see them? On the screen i've posted a screenshot they aren't clickable...
  • DeeeeeeeeDeeeeeeee the Americas
    What??!?!?!?!! This is EXACTLY what I was going to log in and ask about, as I've begun paying attention to the log as it scrolls up to actually know what's happening.

    I expressed this to NO ONE, said not a word.  lol

    Thanks @chilly_bang and @Sven! :)
  • SvenSven
    @chilly_bang right click on project->show urls->remaining urls

    however you will not see what search query was used or keyword to find them.
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