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Would Be Nice To Have A Way To Use Captcha Service On Certain Projects

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Since I don't have an unlimited amount of money to spend on captcha services (yet!), I have been running SER with only Captcha Sniper. When SER starts producing enough results ($$$), I will probably start paying for captcha. In the mean time, it is what it is. I am getting some fairly good results.

However, seeing another thread this morning that mentioned that most of the Web 2.0 sites use recaptcha got me thinking about the first multi-tier project I just started. The project is only posting to Article/Social Network/Web 2.0 sites with PR2+. I know that I will get limited verified links to this (actually, it looks like I am getting about 50/day now). This will be Tier1 and I will start another project to post to this one. But, seeing the other discussion made me realize that I am probably not getting too many Web 2.0 links created.

My suggestion is that it would be very nice if there was a way to allow Captcha services (paid) to be allocated on a project level. I would be willing to throw some money at this project. It probably would be a minimal amount every day, and would give me much better results. All the other projects could stay using only CS and not burning up a lot of money. What do you think? Is this doable?

I know there are a couple ways around this (that I thought of).

1.) Stop all other projects and run only this one with DeathByCaptcha turned on also. This is not a good alternative, because then nothing is being processed on the other projects for extended periods of time.

2.) I guess I could run SER on another PC with only this project on it. (Are we allowed - license-wise - to do this? Or would I need to buy another copy?) This leaves the problem of multiple "global lists" that I have to merge somehow (I haven't checked into doing this yet).

Any other suggestions or could this be added without too much trouble?


  • Officialy you should buy a second license, but if you can't Sven was in the past so tolerant to allow this. But I'm sure he'll blacklist your license if you use it more an two workstations - so please p(l)ay fair.
  • Bytefaker...with the value that I see in this program, there is no way I would jeopardize that by trying to take advantage of GSA. Thanks for your input, but that was not my real question.
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    I only repeat what he said before (in the FAQ here you can see that one license is allowed, there were statements in the thread @ BHW). Don't want to hijack your thread, the other part would be a possibility (but as far as I know Sven want to prevent SER from getting to complicated and overloaded), for me personally it isn't important. CS and DBC together is a nice solution. Think you should get a nice enough ROI for it.
  • I don't know if that is what you meant, but you can choose 1st, 2nd or all captcha services in project options. If you seperate your articles/web20's  from the rest of your main project and force SER to use just 2nd service (or both) for this project. For Tier2 sites you force them to use 1st service only.

    Thats how I manage my projects.
  • Ozz...That is EXACTLY what I wanted. I had not noticed that you could click on the text next to the check box there. The only down side is I have to set this option (in my case) in every project. Most will be "Ask 1st service to fill captchas" and this project would be "Ask 2nd service to fill captchas".

    I guess it would be kind of nice to not have to remember to set it in every project if you want to do something like this. But, I am just being picky. This looks like it will work fine.

    Thanks for the info!
  • Actually after looking at the options more closely, I will set most of my projects to "Ask 1st service to fill captchas" and this one project to "Ask all services to fill captcha".
  • Didn't knew this :) Thanks for the hint Ozz!
  • GSA RULE #1 - left and right click every possible pixel :D

    I find every week some new/hidden stuff.
  • *rofl* damn true :) that's exactly my experience too :D
  • ronron
    Ozz, thanks for that tip man =D>. I saw it but never really saw it if you know what I mean. Bravo!
  • @Bytefaker:
    So we can use GSA on VPS and personal computer? Beacuse i have slow VPS but it ok for 24/7 posting but sometimes i want to harvest sometrhing or identify and then i wolud like to use my personal computer without closing GSA on VPS. Will this blacklist my license?
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